A Happy List // 6

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+ Weekend brunch at our new favorite local place.
+ Dai surprising me with a homemade dinner (complete with a menu written out, a place set for me at the bar stools, & pretending to be a chef as he served me) when I arrived at his house last night.
+ Andrew McMahon's new album. Here's one of my favorites.
+ Midi skirts. It is all I want to buy lately.
+ The colder weather that has finally been coming around.
+ The arrival of red Starbucks cups!
+ Re-watching How I Met Your Mother from the beginning with Dai.
+ Spending more time blogging and doing creative things just for fun.
+ The new Disney movie Big Hero 6. It was so cute!
+ All the potential travel plans in the works.
+ The beginning of all things Thanksgiving & Christmas! Ahhh!

What's currently on your happy list?

Happy long weekend! I have five straight days off of school and a little break is just what I need :)

Jess said...

Dai's dinner surprise sounds lovely! You are definitely a lucky lady! :)

My happy list is:
+ Getting to spend a three-day weekend with my man doing all kinds of free/cheap dates
+ I have a job interview this coming week to be a full-time tutor
+ Getting a pedicure from my 4-year-old cousin (it was messy!)
+ Falling asleep with my cat on my stomach every night

Jess said...

Wow, even a written menu! That's awesome!
PS meant to tell you that I use that little pouch you sent me from a craft fair as my Metro card holder and I regularly think of you every time I enter the subway :-D

Jess said...

Thanks so much for sharing your list with me! Super sweet that you take the time to do that. I hope that you had a great holiday weekend and that your job interview went well! Also, a pedicure from your cousin sounds pretty cute and entertaining :)

Jess said...

Awww that's so sweet! It is the perfect size for that! I use the little tin you gave me to hold odds and ends as well :)