New Month // November Goals

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November! A new month! This is really such a good month. Past Novembers have held some of the most memorable times, and I am hopeful that this November will not disappoint! I can already tell that things will be pretty busy with school and work, but I am ready for the challenge.

If we take a look at the past few months, my goals have been absolutely p o i n t l e s s. I have utterly failed and ignored the goals I set for myself, which only leaves me disappointed in my lack of efforts. Here we go one more time and I am determined to be successful this month!

Work out at least 2x per week. I failed at this. Ugh. Dai and I did work out at our hotel while we were in LA, so that definitely counts for something, right? haha

Treat myself to a few new pieces of jewelry.
I did, indeed! I got two new statement necklaces, and even a few new clothing items. It was nice to spoil myself juuuuust a little bit, but it will be important to stick to my budget this month.

Drink 1L of water per day.
Done! It really feels good to stay hydrated and I definitely notice a difference in how I feel when I don't get enough water in my day. Hopefully I can continue this habit!

Spend time with family.
Since we went to a wedding this past month, I was definitely able to spend time with family I don't always get to see often. I also spent some time with my dad, which was really nice.

Send a friend something in the mail.
Fail. I would like to revisit this goal for November though! Keep an eye on your mailboxes, friends ;)

+ Stay on top of school projects.
We are just about a month and a half away from the end of the semester (aaaahh!) and things are quite busy! I am going to need to be very intentional about staying on top of my work and making it a priority.

+ Start and complete college applications.
I'll admit... I'm a little behind on this. Applications are due November 30th and I have got to get going! This process is a little stressful and exciting, but I'll definitely be relieved when it is over.

+ Work on blog design update!
I've been dabbling with this for the past week or so, but haven't quite finalized the design. There are also a few elements I am looking to change, but don't know the proper coding to do so, so we shall see what I can do about that. I'm also considering hiring someone to give this space a facelift for me. I'd love some recommendations! 

+ Plan meals ahead of time & only buy what I will really use.
Since I just grocery shop for myself, if things that I buy go bad, it is my own fault. I have found myself not eating all that I buy and I hate wasting money and food this way. I definitely need to be more intentional about planning meals I will actually make and using my food budget more wisely.

+ Finalize plans for potential getaways!
Dai and I have started talking about plans for Thanksgiving, Christmas, and my 21st birthday (which falls on New Year's weekend), and I think we have some adventures in mind! I'll keep you updated!

+ Read one book.
I love reading, but hardly ever take the little time for myself to do so. Hopefully I can manage to just read one book this month!

Do you like November? What are you looking forward to? Do you have any goals?

Jess said...

Your blog is seriously one of my favorites, and I recently began doing goal posts for each month (inspired by you and The Nectar Collective). This month my goals are to:

+ Go running for at least 30 minutes every morning
+ Write on my blog at least three times each week
+ Eat and drink healthier
+ Plan and execute my move into my first apartment with my boyfriend (last week of November - we can't wait!)

I hope you and Dai have fun making holiday plans! My boyfriend, Jake, and I are going out East (North Caroline and Pennsylvania) to visit our families together for the holidays. It'll be exciting.

- Morgan aka The Flame Dame

Jess said...

Awww, you're so sweet Morgan! It really made my day to know that I am one of your favorite bloggers, seriously! I actually began making these goals because of the Nectar Collective, but after a while Weekly Wishes became too monotonous, so I decided monthly goals would be best for me.

Thanks for sharing your goals! They all seem realistic and doable, so I know you will have no problem being successful! Also, how exciting to be moving in with your boyfriend! Plus, your holiday plans sound great :)