A Desert Adventure

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This past weekend Dai and I took a road trip to the South Lake Tahoe/Nevada area to visit a hot spring resort. Two years ago, I got a great deal for a travel package for a 2 night/3 day stay at the resort, after we had visited for a day to use the hot spring tubs while on a snowboard trip to Tahoe. and really enjoyed it. We did have to go to a timeshare presentation as part of the deal, BUT it was fine and I got a check back for the amount I paid, so our stay was FREE! Can't beat that! Although it took us a long time to finally cash in on the package, we had a really wonderful weekend and I'm so glad that I snagged this deal!

Besides spending time together and relaxing in the hot spring tubs, my favorite part of this trip was exploring and taking in the beautiful desert/mountain scenery. The weather was absolutely perfect; 63 degrees, sunny, with snow covered mountains to enjoy from a distance!
Dai was a pretty good sport and pulled over on our way into South Lake Tahoe for dinner when I excitedly proclaimed that we just had to take photos in this spot. I just couldn't get over the beautiful desert neutrals and knew that making the stop would be well worth it.desert-outfit-3
Plus, we sort of got a little unplanned outfit shoot out of it, too! Glad I decided to dress up a bit for our evening out ;) I normally wouldn't pair my Uggs with an outfit like this, but it seemed like the perfect comfy, mountain touch and like a much more relaxing option than my heeled booties :)desert-outfit-4 desert-outfit-5
Can you see how beautiful all the colors are?! Greens, purples, blues, grays, browns... They are just perfect! I think that my aqua colored top fits right in, yet stands out in all the right ways. I couldn't have not planned it any better!desert-outfit-6
Though making this little stop wasn't his first choice, I think he really enjoyed it and hopefully we can make more stops on our future adventures :)desert-outfit-7 desert-outfit-8 desert-outfit-9
Usually this entire area is covered in snow, but with the severe drought and lack of rain we have been having, there is hardly any snow to be found anywhere. While I know that the lack of rain isn't good for the environment and that it is a bummer to not get to frolic in the snow, a small part of me is happy to have such lovely weather to enjoy!desert-outfit-13
Our little get away this past weekend has really inspired me to take more short trips so that I can explore more of the wonderful state I live in and the ones near by! So far, my friend and I are planning to try to take a little trip in April, destination unknown :) Just two girls, good music, a car, and maybe a small dog!

My heart was so happy while editing these photos and I'm glad that I am able to document this adventure here on the blog!

 photo outfitdetails_zps244ac2f3.jpg
Top // Uniqlo
Skirt // Lauren Conrad via Kohl's
Shoes // Ugg Australia
Tights // Kohl's
Necklace // Forever 21
 photo OUTFITLINE_zps3d53caa8.jpg

Jess said...

have i told you lately, how beautiful you are?
my word.

and yes. to hot springs. to the uggs. to pulling over. to more adventure!
the perfect pop of aqua!!

Jess said...

Your outfit is so cute!

Jess said...

Perfect location OMG!! and you look gorgeous as always ;)!
We're hoping to get stationed in California, after this double overseas tour
and i can't wait to explore all the fun stuff around that area!!

Jess said...

This is absolutely breathtaking! The view, the mountains, the brush, the colors, you being so beautiful.. perfect! Your eye color is unbelievably pretty!