New Month // March Goals + Life Happenings

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Hello, hello! Happy March and happy Monday! It is almost embarrassing how little I have blogged in the past several weeks. A lot has been happening in my offline life, and I guess I just haven't had the drive to contribute to this space. It seems that I either blog at full force or not at all. I'm hoping to find a happy medium that I can consistently keep up with so that this space is never deserted!

I'm excited to see what the rest of this month brings, though, as I already have a few adventures to share! Something important that happened to me recently: I decided what school I will be transferring to in the fall! I have been working my booty off the past 3 years, going to community college and working as a nanny, and now it is finally time to reap the rewards of those efforts. In August, I will be starting at San Jose State University and working towards getting my Bachelor of Fine Arts in Graphic Design (and hopefully minoring or double majoring in photography!)! I originally wasn't into the idea of staying local, but I think it will be good and I'm starting to really look forward to it. Plus, I will be moving closer to where the school is located, so I will get to be somewhere new!

I think that is probably the biggest life update I have to share! Though we are already 9 days into the new month, I'm going to go ahead and share some goals I have for the rest of March :)

+ Make good use of my extra time.
I think I did pretty well at this! I started getting up earlier and also did my best to take Marly on nice walks each day. I would try to get ready soon after waking up so that I was all set to take on the day and not get stuck in my pajamas until it was time to go to work in the afternoon!

+ Read two books.
I read one and a half, but didn't quite reach that two book mark! I'm counting it as mostly a success though because it has been a while since I have spent any time reading for fun!

+ Finish Whole30!
Nailed it! Whole30 was such a great experience and I am really pleased with my results. I am already planning on starting a Whole60 in April! Anyone want to join me for 30 days? Or even the entire 60?

+ Find an extra job.
I did find an extra nanny position for the mornings that I have free and worked with the family for one week. Unfortunately, it ultimately didn't work out. The family and I didn't mesh that well and had different views about behavior. I was disappointed that it didn't work out because it was a great financial opportunity for me, but I think it was for the best and that I wouldn't have been very happy working with them. For now, I have decided to not pursue another nanny position (mostly because there isn't really anything out there for the availability I have) and am going to instead use that time to grow in my field by blogging, writing, maybe finding an internship, practicing my photography, or creating art.

+ Take more photos.
I think this was also a success! I've been trying to take my camera with me more and took a lot of photos on our recent weekend trips. My camera is new, after all, so I need to get plenty of use out of it! I'm hoping to go on a photo adventure with a friend soon, too :)

+ Blog more consistently!
I have not been around here much lately, but I want to change that! It seems that I either blog very consistently or not at all! I need to change that a find a steady pace and schedule that works for me.

+ Try to eat mostly Whole30 compliant.
Dai and I did a mini-Whole30 for 11 days and it really made me feel great since I hadn't been eating close to 100% compliant since ending my official Whole30. I am planning to start a Whole60 in April, but until then, I want to try to eat mostly compliant because I know that I feel best when I do! And I don't want to undo all of the progress I have made.

+ Create a photography website.
I had a site for my photography, but I closed it because I was paying a monthly fee when I could actually create a site through a different platform for free. I'm thinking I will go with Wordpress for now. Hopefully I can get the site up and running, and actually put myself out there for more photography opportunities!

+ Spend time creating art.
In all honesty, I haven't spent time creating actual art since high school. During my junior and senior year, there was a lot of pressure for everything I make to be wonderful and portfolio worthy, so once high school ended, I was just burnt out. That's why I decided to start this blog, and it has been a great creative outlet. I think I am ready to dive back in to creating things just for fun though and would like to use my free time to do so! I don't want to put any pressure on myself and just rekindle my love for creative thinking.

+ Sign up for school orientation.
Like I mentioned earlier, I have made a decision about where I will be going to school in the fall and I'm excited to attend an orientation day next month. Just gotta nail down a date and sign up!

+ Purchase and begin Maiedae's hand lettering e-course!
I have been wanting to learn more about hand lettering for so long! I love Jenny of Maiedae's style so much and am thrilled that they are now offering an e-course. The course seems to be jam packed with so much great information and I'm hoping that it will really help me get started in making hand lettering one of my hobbies!

What are your goals for March?

I wish everyone a wonderful week!
Jess said...

Congrats on choosing the school! I love your determination and planning! Looking forward to seeing more of your design and photography projects in the future :-)

Jess said...

Yay for school and life decisions! That would be awesome to study photography. I actually just bought a dip pen from Amazon and started getting into modern calligraphy and it is seriously so much fun. I don't know if that has to do too much with the hand lettering that you're thinking of, though, haha. Hopefully I'll write a blog post soon with my learnings so far!

Jess said...

Yay! Thank you! It feels great to finally see things coming together :)

Jess said...

Yeah! Thanks Leah! I am also really interested in modern calligraphy and have wanted to learn for such a long time. The hand lettering course is a little different because they don't use dip pens in it, which I think will be pretty interesting too! Ahhh I just want to know both, really haha. We should get together and practice some time! I'd love to see what you have learned so far!