Weekend Scenes + Happy List 10

happy list, life, weekend, fun, adventure
Hello! I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend! Mine was definitely a busy, but great one.

The highlights:
+ Visited my future school to turn in some paperwork on Friday and took Dai along with me. It was nice showing him around my new school! We got coffee at one of my favorite local chains and took a little walking tour.
+ On Friday I stayed the night with the girls I nanny for and then on Saturday we met their parents in Napa. We played bocce ball, had a picnic lunch, and swam at their hotel, and later walked downtown for dinner!
+ Saturday evening I drove home from Napa so that Dai and I could go out to celebrate my friend's 21st birthday! I am the oldest of my friends, so it is nice having another 21-year-old friend to get into mischief with ;) haha. It was a pretty fun night out!
happy list, life, weekend, fun, adventure
+ I slept in fairly late on Sunday morning, which was a nice rarity. I didn't even set an alarm and when I finally did wake up, I stayed cuddled in bed for an hour to watch Teen Mom (one of my guilty pleasures) on DVR. Perfection!
+ After I finally did get out of bed and Dai came back from his baseball game, we met with a couple of his friends visiting from Florida & Hawaii. We took them to see the Golden Gate Bridge and took a little walk on it (even though it is kind of scary!).
+ We later drove across the bridge to have lunch at probably my most favorite restaurant, Sol Food, and made our way back into the city, stopping at a lookout spot for another view of the bridge.
+ With Dai's friends we also drove through Golden Gate Park and went to Dolores Park for a nice view of the city and to get ice cream at Bi-Rite (I opted for salted caramel soft serve--yum!)!

And now, a little happy list...
+ Eagerly awaiting my order from LindyBop!
+ Girls day happening this weekend to celebrate my friend getting married. Hiking, dinner, & drinks!
+ Evening walks.
+ Long phone convos with my sister.
+ Dog sitting a sweet pup named Ginger.
+ All the activity with #trueyouproject!
+ Watching a Japanese drama with subtitles with Dai.
+ Weekly trips to Target.
+ Spending last weekend with my mama.
+ Dreaming of summer travel plans.
+ Finding my groove again in softball.
+ Being soooo close to the end of the semester & (hopefully) being exempt from the final.
+ Reconnecting with old friends!

How was your weekend? What's on your happy list?

Have a fabulous week, friends! Hey, I'm getting a better start this week than last, right? ;)