Inspiration // New Bedroom!

One thing that I am super excited about with this move is that I will have a new space to start totally fresh in! My new bedroom has hardwood floors and lots of natural light (my favorite!!), and I will even be able to paint it. I want this room to be a peaceful, comforting, and clean place to come home to every day after school and work. I want it to be my calming retreat at the end of the day and for it to really feel like my home!

For this space, I am picturing light grey walls, white, fresh bedding, and mostly white furniture, with bright colors pulled in with the decor, such as throw pillows, curtains, and wall hangings. I also want to get a cozy area rug to complete the room and to incorporate a gallery wall area. An inspiring and colorful (while also being functional) workspace is also really important to me because I plan to spend a lot of time there working on my school projects and blogging things!

I thought it would be great to compile some inspiration for my new room and thought that you all would be interested in seeing it! I must admit, I had a lot of fun putting these mood boards together :)
This past year has been quite the whirlwind and this move will be the third one in the last twelve months, but I'm actually really looking forward to it and am hoping that this new place will be one that I can stay in until I finish college at least! It has been difficult at times not feeling like I have a real home that I belong at and can be my long-term space to make my own. A sense of home is something I have been craving, so I hope that this place will be the first home I have created outside of living with my family.

I'm really excited to get started with prepping things, moving in, and decorating! I happen to have all of next week off of work, so I am going to use that time to get myself organized and get things going! And, of course, I definitely plan on documenting the transformation of my new space here on the blog :) Stay tuned for some 'before' photos!

What are your thoughts about home? Have you ever struggled with similar feelings? What do you think about my inspiration? I'm all ears for new ideas :)