How To Enjoy Your Summer

How to Enjoy Your Summer, summer, fun, adventure
Summer is arguably the best time of the year and I have been doing my best to soak up as much of the wonderful parts about it as possible this year. Late nights, a day in the sun, iced coffee, hanging out at the pool... I've been loving it all!

In case your summer hasn't been your greatest, here are my tips for having a summer to remember ;)

+ Buy a new bathing suit
Because you need to be ready and looking fabulous for all of your aquatic summer adventures.

+ Find a pool to relax at
Because an afternoon lounging poolside is the epitome of summer fun. Bonus points for fun pool floats!

+ Go to the beach
If the beach is accessible to you, that's even better! Nothing beats some time laying on the sand and splashing in the waves. The view is hard to beat, too!

+ Take time off of work (if you can!)
Because summer is the greatest time to play hooky from all responsibilities and we can all use a little extra time to work on our tans. YOLO!

+ Eat lots of ice cream
Because tis' the season to get away with eating all the ice cream your little heart desires sans judgement. I highly recommend taking advantage of it ;)

+ Have a BBQ
Because grilling food and eating outside is just the thing to do in warmer months. Plus, grilling makes pretty much everything taste good!

+ Stay outside past sunset
Because warm evenings are one of the best things about summer. Enjoy it while you can by going for walks or hanging out around a bonfire.

+ Read books
Because whatever reason, it seems like a great season to have a quiet afternoon alone with a book (and maybe even a short nap :)). It is the perfect time to make a dent in your reading list!

+ Spend time with friends
Because people tend to have more flexible free time during the summer and what's better than doing all of these things with your BFF or a friend you don't get to see that often? The possibilities for fun are endless!

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What do you love about summer? What makes summer awesome for you?