Blogtember // My Style

I'm sure many of you have seen some Blogtember posts (a challenge started by the Brave Love Blog to blog every day in September!) floating around the blogosphere, and while I don't plan on participating in every prompt, there are several of them that have really inspired me to join in! Given that I clearly love fashion and personal style, I am all about Day 6's prompt to share about my style! I'm a day late, but hopefully no one will mind ;)

My style has definitely evolved over the years and I wouldn't say that I hold myself to any particular rules. In high school, I generally wore jeans with a simple top and a cardigan nearly every day. I would occasionally shake things up with a dress and mostly steered clear of skirts because I didn't find them to be too flattering on me. These days, however, I absolutely love skirts and am amazed at how much my feelings towards them have changed! Now, I find them to be one of the most flattering pieces I can add to my wardrobe.
Besides my new found love for skirts, I think that my taste has really been defined since embracing my love for retro/vintage inspired style clothing. It is amazing and classic and I feel my prettiest when I am in an Audrey Hepburn style dress or a fun printed skirt. I just can't help but feel happy and a bit fancy!

Along with that, I have become more comfortable rocking a red lip and have perfected my best winged liner look, which go wonderfully with any style really! I also love a classic looking pair of sunglasses, vintage inspired pumps or wedges, and a fun hat. Give me florals, polka dots, & tulle, and I am a happy camper!

While I would love to dress up in my favorite retro pieces every day, my life as a student and a nanny is a bit more casual! On a daily basis, I usually go for something that is still classic, but toned down more. I love a great pair of skinny jeans (blue & black!), neutral colored tops (grey, white, dark green, black, maroon!), a jacket or cardigan of some sort (jean jackets and military jackets are my jam!), and flats or booties. Most days my makeup is also fairly simple and I keep my accessories minimal. Though I am a huge fan of all things related to vintage fashion, I do actually enjoy this simple, semi-minimal style too, as you can see from some of the photos above!

I actually really enjoy having a wide range of tastes in my personal style and like that I don't feel the need to make myself only be one thing or another. It makes getting dressed every day more interesting (that's one word for it, ha!) and I can keep people guessing :)

What is your personal style like? What do you tend to wear day to day?