Outfit // Falling into Fall

Hello, hello! Here we are, starting a new month already! I can hardly believe it is fall and that 2015 is on its last leg. I'm not ready for it! Nevertheless, I do love fall and have especially been trying to soak it up as much as possible this year. Cute clothes, pumpkin carving, Halloween costumes, time with friends, mountain adventures...I just want to do all the things!fall-2
We have been getting small tastes of cooler weather here in California, but things flip-flop back and forth so often that it is hard to tell when fall weather will be here to stay! Which also makes it difficult to know what to wear each day. As we transition, though, I've been finding myself enjoying light layers and flats, rather than strictly sandals and tank tops like I have been wearing since spring!fall-3
Last weekend while shopping with Dai, I found this 3/4 length sleeve dress and knew that it would be the perfect fall piece. Once I tried it on, I loved how comfy and easy it was. Navy blue is one of my go-to colors and I have always had a thing for stripes, so it was a given winner. Plus, even Dai said it was cute and if the boyfriend says its cute, then you buy it ;)fall-4
This dress even came with a belt, which I appreciated since it adds even more to the easiness of this piece! Want to know something kind of funny about this purchase? It came from Sears! I never go into Sears for anything really and was only cutting through to get to the main mall when several things caught my eye. One thing led to another and I found myself in a dressing room with armfuls of things to try on! In the end, I came out with this dress and another dress (that I got for only $8!) to wear out to a club that evening. I must say, in the future I just might find myself at Sears more often and will change my view of it since I found some pretty cute stuff at great prices.fall-5
On the same shopping trip, I snagged these Mary Jane style flats and have been loving them ever since! So far they are pretty comfy and I like the classic look they have. I may have bought two other pairs of black flats on this shopping day too, but I just couldn't resist the great prices I found and figured I might as well get them since they were on my list of things to eventually find.fall-6fall-7fall-8
Since it is now fall, I feel like it is time to bring back the red lip and hats! To me, summer is for baseball caps and floppy sun hats. During the fall, a black hat and a dark colored lip add a perfect touch to any look.fall-9fall-10
Besides our latest shopping adventure, life these days has been consumed by school and work, which has led to the obvious silence here on the blog. School is tough and requires so much of my time and focus, as it should! It is not something I am used to, though, since in the past I have juggled more units in community college and work a bit better than I am now. I think I will have to start working less to devote more attention to my school work, but I will have to figure out ways to compensate that income somehow, even if it means taking out a student loan. It won't do me any good in the future if I only learn to be a mediocre designer when I am in college to learn to be an excellent one so I can have a great career!fall-11fall-12
In other news, this past weekend we ran our first 5k! It isn't very fun getting up at 5am, but once we were out and about and the sun started coming up, it was definitely worth it! Plus, when we were finished with the race, it was only 8:30am and we had the entire rest of the day to enjoy! I would usually be just getting up at that time haha. Anyway, the whole experience was a lot of fun and even though we did have to walk some of it, I am pretty proud of my small accomplishment. We even got a medal! This may be one of our new little hobbies, although next time we will train more so that we can run the entire time! I'm not going to lie though, I still don't like running very much, but maybe I will learn to love it!

Alright, well that's all from me for today! I have to get back to a paper I am writing and a design project I am working on. Hopefully I will have time to pop back in later this week to say hi! I do have some fun things planned for this month, including a giveaway! So, look out for that! Also, I have been posting on Instagram pretty regularly in case you are wondering what's up with me when I am not posting here :)

Have a great week, friends!!

 photo outfitdetails_zps244ac2f3.jpg
Dress // Sears
Hat // Forever 21
Shoes // local store
Necklace // H&M

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