Outfit // A Voodoo Vixen Valentine

As you all know, I am a big fan of Voodoo Vixen and their beautiful dresses, so when they contacted me about selecting something from their new collection to try out, you bet I was more than excited. Each vintage inspired piece I have gotten from Voodoo Vixen has impressed me more and more, and I always love pouring over their site when they get new things in. I just wish they had a store I could go to see all the pretty dresses in person!vv-dress2
After browsing through all of my options, I finally settled on the Blair dress, this red beauty! I loved the unique cut and how it was different than anything I already had in my closet. The neckline was interesting and I thought that the velvet peacock feathers were such a cool detail. Plus, a woman can never go wrong with a beautiful red dress, right?!
I'll be honest, I got this dress before Thanksgiving and it wasn't quite fitting me right. I think it may have been a bit too tight and I got discouraged that this lovely dress wasn't fitting me, especially since I really wanted to wear it for the holidays. I decided to give it another try though and now it somehow fits me really well! I don't really know what happened, but I was not about to question it and decided to instead finally photograph it :)vvdress6
One thing that is nice about this dress is that it really seems to look nice from all angles, which is definitely helps a girl feel confident! Also, it passes my twirl test, so I am a fan :)vv-dress7
Though red is a beautiful color, it can be tough to know when to wear it. For me, it is definitely more of a fall and winter color and we all know that it screams "holiday season!" Now that it is January, however, that does not mean that the red has to stop! There is still plenty of winter left (although California may disagree!) and Valentine's Day--the second most red holiday of them all, which is exactly the occasion that I plan to wear this dress for again :)vv-dress8vv-dress9
When it comes to shoes, I am more of a classic girl and can't help but love a good pair of Mary Jane heels or flats with just about any outfit. When choosing what to pair this dress with, my instincts were no different! I think that these surprisingly comfy wedges of mine added just the right amount of fanciness to this look and that the silver bracelets were a nice touch too.vv-dress10
Though I did not get to wear this dress for Christmas like I had planned, I think it will make the perfect outfit to wear for Valentine's Day with Dai :) I have absolutely no idea what we are going to do yet, but either way, you can bet that I'll be dressed up in this beauty!

This is the fourth Voodoo Vixen addition to my closet and my love for their designs definitely won't be fading any time soon :)

 photo outfitdetails_zps244ac2f3.jpg
Dress // c/o Voodoo Vixen
Shoes // Cathy Jean
Bracelets // borrowed
Clutch // Sears

 photo OUTFITLINE_zps3d53caa8.jpg

Disclosure: This was a sponsored post. While I may have been compensated in some way, all views and opinions are my own.