Happy List // 14

happy, happy list, gratitude, life, lifestyle blogger, bay area + Starting my new job!

+ Meeting and having dinner with my friend's parents and sister that are visiting from Poland.

+ Making travel plans for spring break! I'll be heading out of town to warmer weather with one of my besties!

+ Doing a challenging hike with a beautiful view that makes it worth it.

+ Working on Blog Buddies Network! New structure will be coming soon!

+ A bittersweet farewell with my nanny family on my last day.

+ Spending a wonderful afternoon with Dai and Marly having lunch, shopping, and going to the dog park.

+ Doing homework with friends.

+ Successful trips to Target.

+ Dai making me a very special Valentine's Day dinner :)

+ Finally making an appointment to cut my crazy mane.

+ Meeting new people at school.

+ Saturday mornings at the farmer's market.

+ Starting the weekend off with a tidy room and allllll the laundry done.

+ Getting more familiar with the area that I live in since I've been spending more time there lately!

What's been making you happy lately?