Starting Whole30 Again

So, do you remember last year when I did the Whole30 challenge? It was an amazing experience and really helped me to feel better about my body. Since then, I have wanted to do it again, but continually found reasons why it wouldn't "fit into my schedule." Yes, I basically mean excuses. I mean, I shouldn't have to fit healthy eating into my schedule, you know? You just do it. You have to eat food, so eat food that is good for you instead of junk!

That's not to say that eating Whole30 compliant doesn't take work. It definitely takes more preparation and planning than just grabbing lunch at the school eateries or getting a snack at Starbucks, but it is doable. It really, really is. After a while, it also just becomes second nature and gets easier and easier to make good choices.

I decided to tackle this challenge again because I have definitely fallen far away from this way of eating since last February, when I finished my first round of Whole30. And that really sucks. I have noticed changes in my body that I don't like and have overall have not been feeling as good as I know I can.

So, that's why I decided to do something about it and started my second round of Whole30 yesterday! My hope is to be able to better adopt these habits into my daily life past the 30 day mark so that I can be feeling good all the time. It's about making a lifestyle change!

I will probably post about it a few times here, but if you'd like to follow along with my journey you can find more about it on the Instagram account I made for it (@jesswholelife) :)

Have you ever done Whole30? Are you considering doing it too?