The Perfect Spring Time Yoga Pants

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I think we can all agree that spring is a pretty lovely time of year. We can begin to pack away our sweaters and heavy jackets, and pull out the sandals and sun dresses. With that, we also start spending more time outside, enjoying the sunshine and increasingly warmer weather. I will admit, as much as I enjoy cute summer clothes, I also love having comfy, pretty clothes I can quickly throw on to casually grab some coffee or take a walk on the beach with my dog. Most of the time, this ends up being active wear because, lets face it: its the most comfortable! And by active wear, you know I really mean yoga pants because why put on actual pants when you can wear the closest socially acceptable thing to pajamas?yoga pants,, outlet, discount, spring, active wear, style, sponsored
I recently had the opportunity to pick out a pair of new yoga pants from to welcome spring and as you can imagine, I was very excited! I had actually never heard of YogaOutlet before, but after browsing their site for just a few minutes, I immediately became a fan. They had every kind of print and color you could imagine, and I definitely had a difficult time choosing which pair to get!yoga pants,, outlet, discount, spring, active wear, style, sponsored
The great thing about YogaOutlet is that they offer a wide variety of active wear brands, all at much lower prices than they would originally retail for. I really enjoyed being able to discover new-to-me brands that I likely would have never come across otherwise. It is awesome to be able to get a really high quality pair of yoga pants with an even better price tag!yoga pants,, outlet, discount, spring, active wear, style, sponsoredyoga pants,, outlet, discount, spring, active wear, style, sponsored
I eventually settled on this plum colored pair of capri yoga pants from Beyond Yoga and since I had a bit of money left in my budget, decided to get this Free People tank top to go with it. Plum is one of my most favorite colors, so once I saw this pair while browsing through their collection of yoga pants, I knew these had to be mine. Being a rather short gal, I usually prefer capri yoga pants since most long pairs tend to be too long and too baggy at the bottom. These Beyond Yoga capris ended up being the perfect fit! I thought that it would be nice to have a complete, new outfit and am pretty happy with how nicely this soft pink tank paired with these pants,, outlet, discount, spring, active wear, style, sponsored
One small detail that I wasn't sure if I would like about these pants was a gathered seam in the back of the legs. I decided to give them a shot anyways, and luckily the seams don't bother me and even add a bit of interest :)yoga pants,, outlet, discount, spring, active wear, style, sponsored
Now, I'm not going to pretend that I am a yoga guru or even practice yoga on a regular basis (although I may try show off for a few photos ;)), but a girl can't go wrong with a good pair of yoga pants. They are awesome for those times we do actually do active things, or those times when we really just can't deal with wearing jeans all day :) On this particular day, I wore this comfy outfit out for a short hike, a lunch date with friends, some time at the beach, and grabbing my afternoon coffee fix. It was the perfect thing to wear for such a lovely, casual day!

I am happy to have discovered a great new place to shop for my future pairs of yoga pants and look forward to wearing this lovely plum pair and tank top all throughout the warm weather heading our way! Big thanks to!

What do you look for in a pair of yoga pants? Where do you usually find your perfect pair?

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Yoga pants // c/o Yoga Outlet
Tank top // c/o Yoga Outlet
Flip Flops // Rainbow

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