Whole 30 Round 2 Results

Whole30, Whole30 results, clean eating, healthy, healthy habits, weight loss journey, get fit, fitness, lifestyle, paleo
I finiehed my second round of Whole30 a few weeks ago and I realized that I never shared my results! So, I just thought I'd whip up a quick post to check in about that journey :) After my halfway check-in, the rest of my Whole30 went by pretty quickly. I was very busy with school and work, so before I knew it, it was Day 30!
Whole30, Whole30 results, clean eating, healthy, healthy habits, weight loss journey, get fit, fitness, lifestyle, paleo
Overall, this round of Whole30 went really well! With the stress of school and my busy schedule, it was actually really nice to have the Whole30 guidelines to follow to make my choices easy. Sure, I couldn't just stop by whatever fast food place to grab something if I was in a rush, but it really helped me get into the habit of planning and preparing things ahead of time if necessary. Every evening I would pack my lunch box with my to-go breakfast and just-in-case snacks, and then also make extra food to take along if I couldn't go home for lunch.

Even though I had already done a round of Whole30 before, I still learned new things about food, my body, and what works for me. For example, I had to figure out things I could take to school with me to have for breakfast since I did not have the time or desire to get up early enough to make a hot breakfast at home. I learned that cooking could actually be a relaxing thing for me and that I really enjoyed making myself a nice, healthy meal. I tried new things like taking my own coconut milk to the coffee shop to have an unsweetened latte made for me and experimented with Whole30 approved substitutes for making things like the best mashed potatoes. I discovered that I actually like fruit-essenced sparkling water, something I have not cared for in the past. I learned that just because I am a busy college student doesn't mean I can't or shouldn't fit in the time to treat my body well with whole foods or a walk around the neighborhood.
Whole30, Whole30 results, clean eating, healthy, healthy habits, weight loss journey, get fit, fitness, lifestyle, paleo
As far as numerical results go, I did lose 13 pounds! That was definitely a really nice side affect of eating well and I did notice some of my clothes fitting better and just an overall lighter feeling. I did not manage to take any measurements this round, so I am not sure exactly how many inches I lost, but I do notice a difference in my stomach area in particular. I also noticed a positive difference in my mood, sleep, and energy!

Though I am very happy with my results from this round, I know that I have a long road ahead of me! I truthfully haven't been eating that great since I finished my 30 days because it was immediately spring break after and I fell out of my routine. I had a great spring break and do not regret allowing myself to indulge in things while I was on vacation, but sometimes it is hard to shake that mentality once you are home and back to real life. I definitely have discovered that I do better when I have established rules for myself and know that I need to create some to stick to and get back at it!

I'd love to do another round in the near future and hope to get Dai on board with me this time :) I also think it is so great how other people I know have started their own Whole30 journeys! Sharing my everyday meals & small victories over on Instagram also really helped keep me motivated and connected me with other people that I found to be inspirational!

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Have you ever done Whole30? What do you think about clean eating? What works for you?