Keeping My Skin Fresh as A Girl on the Go

It is no secret that I am a busy college student always on the go. My days are filled with classes, work as a nanny, and school assignments. I am in a hurry most days and during the week I rarely wear makeup (I mean, use that time for extra sleep, am I right?) If I'm not going to wear makeup, it is particularly important for my skin to look fresh, clean, and clear though!copy-9687 copy-9693
I recently received the Clarisonic Mia 2 to try out and it came during the perfect time: midterms! One of the busiest, most stressful times of the semester, when there is little sleep and lots of studying to be done.
Included with the face brush was a deep pore cleanser and a clay face mask, both also made by Clarisonic. When I use the brush, I just put a dime sized drop of the cleanser on the brush and then turn it on and start using it on my damp face.
copy-0033 copy-9782
It is amazing how easy to use this brush is and how it really does all the work for me. I just need to move my hand around my face and let the brush work its magic!
I love that the Clarisonic Mia 2 has a travel case! So nice to be able to take it with me on the go and not have to worry about germs getting to it.copy-0025
I've struggled with acne in the past and make it a priority to keep my skin nice. This brush definitely makes it easy to do that and is a nice addition to my skincare routine!copy-9956
I'm really happy with my Clarisonic Mia 2 and absolutely love how fresh and clean it makes my skin feel! After using it for 7 days straight, I really see a difference in the brightness of my skin and am amazed at how clear it is, despite the stress of school! Even though I may not get much sleep because I am up late studying, my skin looks like I got my full 8 hours of beauty sleep! And that is all a girl could really want, right? ;)


This is a sponsored post in partnership with Clarisonic and Her Campus Media. All words and opinions are my own.