Outfit | Blue Dreams

It is no secret that here in California the summer weather drags on long after your heart is ready for the cooler fall weather... I think I mention it every year! Well, this year has been no different and was have had mannnny warm days that I wish were, well, not so warm. Sometimes it makes it difficult to know what to wear and even a little disappointing because the photos on Instagram have you thinking it is time for booties and sweaters, and it sadly isn't! This outfit is from one of those days! I have since cut my hair since these photos and that fun blue dye has faded, but I still wanted to share this outfit because it is perfect for that fall transition weather we have here.
My roommate Laura had gotten some temporary blue dye and asked me if I wanted to dye my hair too, so I figured why not?! It was a fun little pop of color to change things up a bit without too much commitment haha. It has since faded, but I enjoyed it while it lasted!edit-7890 blue-5
I got this floral print shirt on sale at Old Navy (pretty much where I buy alllllllllll my clothes!) and I love it! The fit is great and I really like how dainty the floral is. It is just a nice subtle print.edit-8036 edit-8005
I think that this shade of blue will forever be one the best colors on me! I think it goes well with my hair color and makes my blue eyes pop. I always seem to gravitate towards this blue when I am shopping! I guess if it works then just go with it?blue-8 edit-7918
We are still having sunny days here, but things are getting a bit chillier and you can bet that I am taking advantage of it by pulling out all my cute fall clothing! Hopefully I can convince Dai to take some outfit photos so I can share :)

I hope you all had a great week! I am enjoying my usual Friday off from school and am really happy it is the weekend! We don't have much going on, which is really nice! We are planning to go for a hike most likely, have dinner with family friends, and just chill :)

What are you up to this weekend?


Top // Old Navy
Pants // Uniqlo
Necklace // h&m
Sandals // Target
Watch // JORD
Bag // Madewell