Happy List | 17

January and winter break are flying by, so I wanted to take a moment to jot down some happy things that have happened lately...

+ Heading to Vegas with my gal pals today!

+ Catching up on This is Us. I cry every episode!

+ Trips to Ikea

+ Taking Marly with me places just for fun

+ Cleaning up all the Christmas decorations and giving the living room a fresh look

+ Finally finishing the jewelry board I have been working on since I moved into my apartment

+ Rainy days when I can sleep in

+ When Dai makes me steak for dinner

+ Slow mornings at home when I take the time to brew coffee in the Chemex

+ Planning out the pieces I want to hang on the walls in my room

+ Birthday cake for breakfast

+ When you go to Marshalls and everything is speaking to you (hello funny wine-themed items!)

+ Coffee dates with friends and their babies

+ Asking Alexa to tell you jokes. Also, asking Alexa questions and realizing she doesn't know much.

+ Playing the game Exploding Kittens with Dai and his reaction when I beat him

+ Wearing a crown on your birthday (10/10 would recommend)

+ Getting a mani-pedi by yourself on your day off just because

+ Going back to visit my high school teachers and being greeted with the warmest welcome from each of them. Also, my art teacher still having my winning photograph hanging in her classroom with the first place ribbon <3

+ When I move over in bed and Marly immediately scoots with me until his back is touching me again

What has been making you happy lately?