Las Vegas Girls Weekend

This past weekend, I went to Las Vegas to celebrate my 23rd birthday with two of my gal pals! As you can probably guess, we had a really wonderful time! We arrived in Vegas on Thursday evening and headed to our hotel. After we got checked in, Dai called me and told me to check my email... In my inbox I found three tickets to see Cirque du Soleil that night! That guy... I tell you, he is full of surprises! It was so sweet of him to do something so thoughtful like that for us all the way from home in California. We were so excited and giddy about it as we quickly changed our clothes so we could head over to the theater to pick up our tickets before the show. It was an AMAZING show and is my most favorite thing that we did on our trip. Dai definitely scored some extra brownie points :)
After the show, we wandered around the strip, got big adult slushy drinks, visited the Sprinkles ATM (I was so excited for this haha), sat in front of a fountain talking for a long time, and eventually even met a psychic. Yes, a psychic. That part was very, very unexpected. I don't know if it was just the magic of being on a girls trip in Vegas or our adult slushies kicking in, but it was actually a super cool experience and all felt very meant to be. I had never really given much thought about whether or not I believed in that stuff, though for now I will just say this: WOW. I might not be such a skeptic. I could actually write a whole blog post about this experience alone (let me know in the comments if that's something you'd like!) and all in all, it was really cool and I am happy to have shared it with my two friends.
We went to bed at 4am our first night there and I can't even remember a time that I stayed up that late other than to cram for an exam the next day. Time is a strange concept in Vegas! The next day (Friday the 13th!), we enjoyed a steak & shrimp meal for $7.77 at the Hard Rock Hotel (the best and cheapest meal we had), walked the whole strip, did a bit of gambling on the slot machines and roulette, got put on the guest list for a club that night, did some shopping, went to a buffet for dinner, and then went to a club! I am not really into clubs, but we were going to get in for free and there was going to be an hour of free open bar for ladies, so we decided to give it a chance haha. We ended up staying for two hours and had a fun time enjoying our free drinks and dancing! We even met some nice girls from Chicago and enjoyed talking with them. After the club, we made the long trek to White Castle for some food even though our feet were killing us (I walked 22,000 steps each day!). We don't have White Castle here in California and after trying it all I can say is meh. I would definitely choose In-N-Out any day.
Saturday was our last day in Vegas and after checking out of our hotel, we got some food from Gordon Ramsay's Fish & Chips and hunted down a Las Vegas Starbucks mug for me. We also took a tram to the south end of the Strip to visit the M&M and Coca-Cola stores and get lunch at Shake Shack, which is always a treat! We stopped along the way to look at shops and try our hand at the roulette machines inside the Monte Carlo.

The day flew by and then it was sadly time to catch an Uber and head to the airport! It was so fun and exciting going on a trip with my girls. I can't wait until the next time we travel together and hopefully come back to Vegas sometime! Maybe even this summer? ;)

Have you ever been to Las Vegas? What was your favorite thing you did? Have you ever gone on a girls trip anywhere with your friends?