Adventure | San Luis Obispo Mini Getaway

The day after my birthday a couple weeks ago, we decided to keep the celebrating going and head down to the little town of San Luis Obispo for a short weekend adventure. We took the day (Friday) off of work and hopped in the car for the 3 hour drive down south.

That area of California has quite a few wineries, so naturally we had to check a couple of them out while we were there. One of my good friends is a member at Baileyana and recommended that we stop by for a tasting. It is such a cute place! It was originally a school house, but they turned it into a tasting room. The people who worked here were very welcoming and friendly!
After we were done there, we headed to a different winery that I had found a Groupon for called Kelsey See Canyon Vineyards. When we arrived, I was surprised to see a peacock wandering around...and then I saw another...and another...and another. I kid you not, there were about 30 peacocks just hanging out on the front lawn of the family's house at this vineyard! I asked about the peacocks before we left and was told that they were all wild, but hung out there at the winery because the family feeds them everyday. It was definitely a unique feature! Anyway, we really enjoyed our tasting there and the farm-like, family atmosphere made it especially nice.
After we had our fill of wine for the day, we checked into our hotel and decided what to do for the evening. We ended up going to downtown San Luis Obispo to get dinner and walk around. By the end of the night, we were pretty tired and finished off the evening with watching the last episode of Ozark on Netflix (we LOVE it!).

The next morning, we checked out of the hotel and headed straight for a local coffee shop I found online. We couldn't go to a new place without finding a coffee shop to check out! 
I fell in love with Scout Coffee during our short visit there! My vanilla latte was delicious, the cinnamon honey scone I had was amazing, and the decor and overall atmosphere was simply perfect (pretty much the deciding factor for me when it comes to coffee shops!). I wanted to stay there all day, but Dai finally made me leave ;)
After we devoured these goodies, we walked around the area a bit more and later got some lunch at a really good Greek restaurant. We finished off the visit with a hike before making the drive home.

San Luis Obispo was such a nice, short getaway not too far from the Bay Area! I would definitely like to visit again sometime soon, maybe when the weather is a bit sunnier. I'm really glad we were able to make this little trip happen, even if it was only for one night :)

Do you like road trips or do you prefer to fly places? Have you ever been to San Luis Obispo? Tell me, friends!