Happy List | 18

I know for a lot of people that January can be a pretty dull month. For me though, it is always one of my favorites. I enjoy the start of a new year and of course, I love my birthday! We always end up having a great month filled with fun things going on.

Here's my latest happy list:

+ Friday night dinners with friends

+ Working from home in my cozy bedroom

+ Freshly manicured nails

+ When Marly climbs up on me to lick my face in the morning while I'm still laying in bed

+ Spending time at my favorite neighborhood coffee shop

+ Listening to My Favorite Murder alllll day long at work

+ Learning to play songs on my new ukulele

+ Decorating my desk at work

+ Finding out that they are putting a few Shake Shack locations in the Bay Area

+ The amount of wine I've been consuming lately

+ Having a short over night visit with my mom

+ Dai surprising me when I got off work with my favorite drink from Boba Guys

+ Actually successfully following a tutorial for an updo hair style

+ Weekend morning trips to Starbucks with my guy

+ Watching the newest episodes of Fuller House because it is cheesy in all the right ways

+ Celebrating my birthday all month long

+ Dressing up and spending the evening at Dai's company holiday party

What has been making you happy lately?