Life Lately | June

June. Somehow I blinked and it was already June. It seems like I was just curling up inside, hiding from the cold, and now I am planning a summer of outdoor adventures and time spent by the pool. Time can be a funny thing.

I hate that it always seems that when I pop back up here in this space, it has been so long that I feel the need to update you on what has been going on in my life. But alas, here we are again, virtually strangers. Let's see...the last you heard from me was April, the 19th to be exact. This was shortly after I had returned from spending some time in San Diego and had bought a new car. I had also shared just a bit about my dad's health problems that we were learning about at the time.

Since then, my dad has had quadruple bypass open heart surgery and is recovering very well. We had no idea that the blockage that was found in his arteries would end up being something so extreme, but we are all glad that this was caught early enough and that he was able to quickly act and have the surgery. I spent another two weeks down in San Diego at the beginning of May to be with him and my family during the surgery and those first weeks of recovery. The time leading up to the surgery was definitely stressful and scary and took an emotional toll on me and my family, but once he was out of surgery and awake, we could all let out a breath of relief. He went home after 5 days in the hospital and has been doing really great ever since. He will be going through a lengthy rehab process, but we all feel very blessed that it went so well and that he is back to being like him old self again, which didn't take long at all :)

Literally right after I got home from San Diego, I took a short nap and then went off to see Taylor Swift! I was gifted a ticket from my close family friends for Christmas and I had been waiting since then for the day to finally arrive. I wasn't really sure what to expect from Taylor in concert, especially since I have been a fan for 10 years and her style has changed so much since then, but my MIND WAS BLOWN. It was honestly more than I could have ever even imagined. Say what you want about Taylor Swift, but that girl is TALENTED. And passionate. And pretty all around amazing if you ask me. I really wasn't into her latest album when it came out, but after seeing her perform most of it live and understanding the context of it all more...I really see that Taylor is still the same Taylor, but she has just grown and developed. It was such an amazing night and I am so happy I finally got to see her perform live!

Less than a week after I returned from San Diego and saw Taylor Swift, Dai (remember him? my cute Japanese boyfriend??) and I flew up to Seattle for a weekend away with our two friends who are also a couple. I plan on sharing more about our trip, but for now I will just say that we had a really fun time and that even though I had been to Seattle twice before, I saw it from a different perspective.

In the few weeks since our Seattle adventure, Dai and I have both been just trying to relax and get a handle on life, really. I've been doing things around my apartment and trying to feel organized again. I'm adjusting back to my work week routine of actually going into the office more regularly, rather than working from the hospital, my dad's house, Seattle, coffee shops, wherever there's wifi... We stayed local for Memorial Day and just did whatever we felt like doing, like going to Santa Cruz for brunch and to play on the beach with Marly, and having my family over for a BBQ. Last weekend we went on a hike in San Francisco and I had a day of solo adventuring. This past weekend we went to the county fair and to see Ocean's 8 (loved it!).

It's been getting warm out and I've been enjoying the taste of summer that we have been experiencing here in San Jose. I can't wait for more weekends of relaxing by my pool and mixing up summer cocktails to enjoy while I do so. We have some fun things planned for the coming months and we are determined to have an amazing summer.

Well, that's pretty much all that's been going on in life lately. On Wednesday I am flying down to San Diego (with my Marly!) for a long weekend and will work for part of the time I'm there and will hang out with my family the rest. I'm looking forward to seeing my people and spending Father's Day with my dad for the first time in a few years!

How has life been for you? Do you have anything fun planned?

P.S. I also chopped my hair off while I was in San Diego in May and I am LOVING my shorter hair. It is so fun and feels much healthier! I just needed a change and decided to go for it.