Sol Food

Boy was I needing a pick-me-up today after work. It can be so draining. What better way to spend a Sunday afternoon than taking a nice drive through the city and over the Golden Gate Bridge? Along the way we stopped at a place called Pacific Puffs that seriously has the best cream puffs I've ever had. Hands down. We also went to Sol Food, a wonderful Puerto Rican food restaurant. I got the usual steak sandwich with orange-mango iced tea in a mason jar. And plantain chips! Ah so wonderful. I've been meaning to go here for a while. Even though it's an hour away, it is so worth the trek.

Mr. Mar loves the drive and visiting with all the people outside the restaurant. Usually he gets to sit just inside the restaurant through sliding glass windows at my feet at the bar stools and woo all the people and wait for me to drop things. Today we weren't able to do that, but he still had a good time outside!

I am so happy to have some more time off of work this week. Even though it is summer, I have felt like I have hardly any time to do what I want. I've got to make the most of my time before school starts!
Katherine said...

OH MY GOSH! that place looks amazing. yum! all the food looks super tasty. and i wihs my city were that dog friendly - i really can only take me dog to one place in the city -and i have gotten kicked out of a park here with him too (i never really contemplated a leashed dog not being allowed in a park).