DIY: Jewelry Board

I am pretty excited about this project! I have found a lot of different styles of jewelry holders around the internet (especially on Pinterest), and have taken little bits of some of them to come up with one that works best with my taste and my jewelry. I hope you guys like it!
I got the frame AND the board at this cool place in the city called Scraps SF for only $5! What a steal. Scraps SF is basically a thrift store heaven for crafters, artists, and people who like random stuff! I also got the fabric from Joanne's with a coupon and found all the other stuff in the garage. So basically this project cost me $11! Not bad, huh?
I got my dad's fiancé to help me with this part :)
Note: it is VERY important to make sure that the fabric is laying flat and straight in the way you want it, and that you pull the fabric tight around the board when you staple it. You don't want any droopy fabric on the front of your board!
I was originally going to use little hooks, but I realized that it would be very difficult to screw them into the board over the fabric and didn't want to ruin anything, so I went with thumb taks. I also like that they are clear. But I think that this board would look great with different knobs from Anthropologie or something!
And there you have it! A visually pleasing and functional way to display your jewelry! 
Let me know if you decide to try it! I'd love to see how yours turns out :)
Greta said...

So cute!! You did a wonderful job!!

Katherine said...

this turned out totally great! i love the fabric pattern you picked

<3 katherine
of corgis and cocktails

Danielle S. said...

What kind of "board" did you use? And how did you keep the board in place behind the frame?

Jess said...

I used a big sheet of like particle board I guess? But I was thinking about it, and I think it could also work well with just the foam poster board you find at the drugstore or an office supply store. It may even work better because the push pins will go in easier. I stapled the board to the frame on the edges with a staple gun.

Alyssa said...

So cute! I'm pinning this for future reference!

x, Alyssa @ Afternoon Musings