Did I tell you guys?

That I love the Rocket Summer? Do you know what that even is? Well it is a band, my friends. A one man band, the creation of Mr. Bryce Avary. I was in a hurry this morning as I was getting dressed, and came across my TRS tank top that I got at the last show I went to back in June. Wow his shows are simply amazing. I take people who don't even know TRS to TRS shows and they are stunned by the end and giddy to start listening to his music. 

After this particular show, B released to us his latest CD, which wasn't supposed to be released to the public for another two days. But you know, we are special here in SF. After the music club people kicked us out, my friend and I hung around outside with other fans, waiting for B to come out and chat.  He signed my CD and I got to tell him how I am able to experience and worship God through his music, even though his music isn't labeled Christian (though he is). I'm so happy I got to share that moment with him and I will continue to return to the small music clubs for a night of singing along to the songs that I know by heart as long as he continues to make music.

Annnnd here's a video. I couldn't go on and on about him without leaving you a video, right?

Also, I got a remote for my camera! This is my first attempt at taking photos with it and a tripod. For some weird reason, it wouldn't let me go more than 5 or so feet away, when I could go about 15 to 20 feet away when I tested it in the store. May be taking this one back...

Let it be known that taking photos of yourself with a tripod is harder than it looks! I will need some practice.

Happy listening :)
Greta said...

I also LOVE the Rocket Summer, so cool you got to see him perform!!