A girl's best friend.

This little pup is my world. I don't know what I would do without his wiggling body greeting me each time I come through the front door, or the natural rise and fall of his breathing lulling me to sleep every night as I hold him closely in my arms.

I am in love with these photos. They are the perfect representation of us and our bond. As much as I hate to ever acknowledge it, I know that one day we will part. But I will have these photos (and many others) and the memories that will live inside me forever. Though that is just how life works, it is really too horrible to think about and soft tears are falling down my cheeks as I write this.

But alas, it is not nearly time to say goodbye, so why trouble ourselves with these thoughts? Instead, I will leave you with these photos filled with love and a beautiful Saturday ahead.

Oh hello, Love said...

Seriously beautiful photos!! Almost makes me wish I had a dog...until I remember all the responsibility :)

Unknown said...

happy birthday marly!