Friday Fog

On Friday, my best friend Kaitlin and I spent the afternoon shopping downtown and eating cupcakes. Once we had had our fill of that, we asked each other what was next.
"I want to lay in the sand" were her exact words to me, said half jokingly and half seriously.
Alright, we live in California, so why not? So, I started the car and off we went.
We made the drive through the winding roads and over the mountain that makes you feel like you aren't just minutes from home. We decided to just drive a little ways down the coast, saying aloud all the random thoughts that raced through our minds. We found the perfect place to stop and walked along the sand, stopping to look at driftwood or make jokes of how it was Kaitlin's home and she was showing me around.
The 5pm fog had set in and I had lost all concept of time. It didn't matter how long we had been gone, if anyone was waiting for us, or that we were getting cold. All that mattered was that we finally had the freedom to let go of the stressful week that had been holding on to us so tightly.
We took the long way home, letting Mumford and Sons lead the way between our comfortable silences and hysterical laughter. We looked on in awe at the tall redwood trees lining our way home, and pretended that we were going somewhere much more exciting. 

But alas, we pulled back into reality, turned off our dearest Mumford, and decided to continue our journey one day.