Number 8

The other day was, you guessed it, Marly's 8th birthday! I originally had grand plans for a nice patio party, but things didn't end up working out that way. We had a lot of fun though with our low key celebration!
I found a boxed cake mix for dogs and whipped up a frosting made from peanut butter, cream cheese, and honey. He and his little doggy cousins sure did love it.
Marly was SUPER excited the entire night and couldn't believe that he was actually allowed on the table. Hey, why not? It's only your birthday once a year!

And then this is what you get when you put three pups in party hats on a dining room table. 
Is there anything cuter?

Hope this brightens your week!

Betty said...

I LOVE these photos! We always throw a birthday party for our dog (in the form of a hot dog party), but we've never had a photo shoot...I think we will have to do that this year. So glad I found your following! :)

Little Tranquility said...

Oh my gosh these photos are so cute!!!! Marly is a lucky pup!

Unknown said...

this is the cutest!