Adventure is near.

I cannot even tell you how thrilled I am that it is finally the weekend. My goodness, this past week has been beyond busy and difficult and just plain horrible. I am so happy that I have finally had a bit of time to sort through these photos from last weekend. Someone, please take me back here!
Because sometimes you need to just state the obvious, I will say this: Yosemite is b-e-a-u-t-i-f-ul.
Fresh air, big trees, and stunning views. What more could you want?
I was delighted to be able to bring Mr. Marly along for this trip. One of his first outings in the mountains I believe. Hopefully we can bring him along to Lake Tahoe this sometime this summer! He is a dog made for adventure. 
Unfortunately, now I am back in reality, where tests and work prevail above all else, and adventure is a far away dream saved for my drifting mind as I sit in class or pour over my books at Starbucks at 12am. 

I will be free again soon!

Lublyou said...

It's unbelievably gorgeous there! I really want to go to Yosemite one day.

Rachel Leigh Murray said...

I lovey your pictures! Really fantastic! Lovely to see a fellow traveler. All the best on your journeys!