Currently // 3

Drinking // Water! As usual.
Listening to // The kitchen clock tick, reminding me that I need to get ready to go, like 20 minutes ago...
Anticipating // Easter tomorrow. It should be a great day!
Planning // On going shopping and to lunch today before I go to work. Why have I not quit yet?
Watching // Spice World... Because I recorded it a couple months ago and why not?
Missing // The AMAZING bruschetta I had for dinner last night with my best friends. WOW.
Loving // That is is finally spring break and that I got to actually sleep in until 10am today. Sure beats the 6am trips I've been making to Starbucks to do schoolwork.
Going // To LA for the week on Monday!
Making me happy // Have I mentioned it is spring break and that I'm going to LA??