The Senior Citizen Discount

Over spring break, I went to visit this lovely lady, Andrea. I get a kick out of this great-aunt of mine. Moments before these photos were taken, she said to me as she fixed her lipstick in her compact mirror, "You know, Jessica, I wanted to be a senior citizen model, but your Uncle Albert told me not to. I think I would have been good at it, don't you?"
And then I just laughed. 
And then laughed some more from behind my camera as I realized how much she loved being the model and that she actually would be pretty good at it.

And then we made a deal: One day I will take some photos of her for her portfolio and she will pay me. But I have to give her a discount, she said. Seems fair enough to me.

Looking back at these photos perked up my Wednesday just a bit. Hope it did for you too!