The Long Awaited Day 5

Hello there! So I am back. I must tell you though, I did not mean to leave everyone hanging back in May. I can't even tell you how many people I know that were like "Hey, what's up with your blog?" or "Um, what happened to Day 5?! I've been waiting for Day 5!" And truly, to those who care, I am sorry!

When I decided to start blogging a little more than a year ago now, there was something nobody told me or that I don't see other bloggers don't mention often: This blogging thing is hard work. Who would have thought?! I mean, of course I knew it would take time and planning and effort, but I didn't realize that it would completely have to take the back burner when this ugly creature called school acted like a selfish little bitch and demanded all my time (whoops, excuse that please). And don't get me wrong, I know I could have done a better job planning ahead and using my time wisely, but school got to a point where I was waking up at 6am, dragging my half-asleep self to Starbucks to study, then to school, then work, and then back to Starbucks to study until past midnight to do more work. THen at some ungodly hour, I would make my way home and collapse in my bed, while an excited Marly sat next to me with his beloved ball in his mouth, giving the the "What the hell, you've been gone all day and now you're not even going to play with me?!" look. Oh, that's a rough one, let me tell you.

And then school ended and I had over 3,000 wedding/maternity photos to sort through, my dad's wedding festivities, and then preparing for a two month long trip to Texas. It has been quite a whirlwind. And now here I am in Texas, not feeling quite as homesick as I had been, and officially ready to crawl out of this non-blogging ditch I have been in.

And then here's another thing: As much as you don't want to care about your blog's "numbers," it is unavoidable. Through this blogging journey, I have realized that I do love to write and share bits of myself with others, and it has helped me understand my passions. BUT it is also nice to feel like someone actually cares about/reads what I write. And it is incredibly difficult not to compare yourself to other bloggers and envy their success or how perfect their design and content seems to be, but I have also realized that this blogging thing is like a tree; You plant some seeds and water and water and water and wait and wait and wait, but it takes time for it to grow, and you just have to be patient and keep watering and waiting because you love this tree and it will die if you neglect it. So, from now on, I will do my best to keep watering this blog and myself, and waiting for progress.

Can't wait to fill y'all in on my hot summer in Texas! (Did you see what I just did there?) But for tonight, enjoy this green wall and snippet from Galveston.

Erika from America said...

I agree with your statement about planting the seeds and watering them and waiting for them to grow. Blogging is a lot like that. It is best just to love your blog as much as possible and eventually, that love will spread. :) YAY!