Weekly Wishes #9

- Don't rush places. This went really well for me, and it felt great! I took my time gettingfrom place to place because I planned my day out a little better and kept on track. Hopefully this is something I can keep up with since it relieves some unnecessary stress!

- Read 25 minutes per day. I did not pick up a book for fun once. I'm pretty disappointed about this one, actually! Oh well... Maybe this week?!

- Do not procrastinate my essay. Well... My essay is due tomorrow... I haven't exactly started it... BUT, I know what I will write about, and it should be pretty easy since it is something I am passionate about: film photography! So, I'm gonna go get started on that right now...

- Make some "me" time. A little bit! This week wiped me out, and I decided to save my two favorite shows on TV right now (New Girl and The Mindy Project!) for Friday night, when I could actually sit down and enjoy them. I ended up taking some of that ZzzQuil stuff because I wanted to get to bed early since I knew I had to get up early for an event on Saturday morning. Well, I guess I took a dose of those pills too early since I couldn't even keep my eyes open through my shows! So, I ended in bed by 7pm, when it was still light out haha and sleeping until 6am. So I guess that is all to say that I spent my "me" time for the weekend sleeping?! And that those pills will seriously knock you out...

- Work on editing the wedding video. Remember the wedding my friend and I shot almost a month ago? Now it is time to get to editing it! It's hard sometimes for me to make time to do it though because I can't do it from home. I have to go to an office where we have all the footage, and someone else also has to be there. So it is not the most convenient, but I have to finish my portion so that my friend can find the time to edit the rest, AND then we can give it to the couple. I am so excited to see their reaction! And to share it here, too :)

- Decide on a birthday gift for my dad. Guys, my dad is turning 60 next week. SIXTY! Wow. I wish that we had planned a big party like we did for his 50th, but we didn't because we slacked off and things are harder now since all of my siblings are spread across CA. But, we should have figured something out. I will at least try to give him a nice gift! He has pretty much everything he wants (even got his dream car earlier this year!), so I was thinking about taking him to do something like zip-lining?!

- Focus on healthy eating. I have gotten into the habit of not eating very well. This is partly due to my busy schedule, and mostly due to laziness. I was eating really well when I was sticking to Weight Watchers this past spring, but when I went out of town in May for a wedding, that all went to the way-side and I haven't quite made my way back to it. I still have my WW account, so I might as well try sticking to it again or just cancel it, right? 

- Do not make any excuses. Someone pointed out to me that I tend to make excuses for not doing things. And that actually bothered me. So now I am going to make a conscious effort to not make excuses for these things and just do them or own up to the fact that I didn't do it. Sigh... Life is complicated sometimes, isn't it? 
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This week will also be pretty busy I imagine, but I am definitely already looking forward to this weekend! Why can't it always be the weekend?

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Lix Hewett said...

Your reading issue has been my life the past year, sigh. Good luck with your goals!

Jenn said...

Good luck on your goals this week!

I love your Don't Rush Places and Reading one!!! I will have to try that some week!

Kristin Schouten said...

I love your last goal of not making excuses. I am constantly making excuses for things that I do wrong. Also, it is sometimes easier saying I am going to eat right than it really is. I find my life gets really busy and I don't have time to make the good meals that I should be eating. I wish you the best of luck on your goals!


Rachel said...

Found you on Inspiration Sparks! I absolutely love your blog design!!

Good luck with this week's goals!

Jess // Foreign Room said...

It is so hard sometimes, but I am going to try out the Busy Bloggers Book Club, so maybe that will help!

Jess // Foreign Room said...

Thanks, Jenn! You definitely should! I didn't do so well at reading, but not rushing places was really nice. I'll tackle reading again soon!

Jess // Foreign Room said...

I am right there with you, girl! That stuff is tough. Sometimes you're like "Well of course I'll eat healthy things!" and then you look around and it is crap that is easy and quick to make. Sigh. Bound to get it right one of these days, right?

Thanks for stopping by and good luck to you as well!

Jess // Foreign Room said...

Thanks, Rachel! I am always changing my mind about it and working hard to perfect it! It's never done, of course, but I kind of like that it is ever changing :)

Thanks for stopping by! I stop by your blog sometimes and always love what I find :)