New York City: Inspiration

Hello there my friends! Today is exactly one week from when I will be heading to New York City with my guy! Seems a bit surreal that it is actually happening, as I have a couple essays to write, a project to complete, and a book to read and finish before I go, but IT IS HAPPENING. I am a lucky girl that got the morning off from responsibilities at the last minute, so here I am, typing away to all you lovelies.

(By the way, this top image and a couple others throughout the post comes from this awesome blog I found the other night, Living Out Loud. I really like Emily and her style!)

So, in the interest of day dreaming and excitement, I thought I would share a few of the things that are on our list of must-sees while we are in NYC. I have a giant list going in my sketchbook and this weekend we will hopefully make a tentative itinerary for our trip!

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Shake Shack in Madison Square Park. I see this all the time over on Hey Natalie Jean (formerly Nat the Fat Rat), and I just drool. With all the buzz this place gets, it seems to be a more hip equivalent to CA's favorite In-n-Out. Plus there's a string-lit patio, so obviously I'm in.

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Walk across the Brooklyn Bridge. I hear this is a must! It would be kind of sweet if it snowed while we did like in the photo above :)

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Chelsea Market. This is another one Natalie talks about quite often and I can't wait to check it out.

9/11 Memorial. I think that this will be very humbling and amazing. I still remember exactly where and what I was doing when I heard about what happened, and how the rest of the day followed in school.
Central Park. Duh. I even hear there's a carousel, and since I am a kid at heart, I just may beg Dai to take me on it.

Grand Central Terminal. I hear that standing in this historic place is simply breathtaking. I also recall a black and white framed photo of this place on the wall of my high school English class that I would stare at and daydream about how beautiful it was. So it is on the list.

High Line Park. This seems to be a super popular place lately, and I can see why from all of the photos I have looked at. Looks pretty awesome!

Sit on the steps of the New York Public Library, because that seems to be the thing to do. Plus, just look at it. Puts any other library I've ever seen to shame.

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Visit the Empire State Building. Maybe it seems cliché, but I'm in New York and it's the Empire State Building, so...

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Visit the NYC MoMA and The Plaza Hotel. I love the SF MoMA (my awesome posts about it here and here), but it is closed for THREE years for renovations, so I thought I would check out NY's since I have heard awesome things about it. Plus, I wanted to take in a museum or two while we are there and this one seems the most interesting to me. I just want to go to The Plaza Hotel because it is so iconic and, well, because of Eloise. Plus it should be decorated for the holidays!

Wander around West Village to look at pretty ivy-covered brick homes. Things like that are good for the soul.

And another thing... Can I basically just be Natalie for the week? I always just swoon over her blog and day to day adventures with her little Huck. I even want a little Huck one day. Or at the very least, can I just, like, you know, hang out with her?

Also, I have been jamming out so hard in the car to the beginning of this song. Old news, but you're welcome.

Happy Friday! I love you all!
P.S. Happy Birthday to my lovely Aunt Kathy who I know reads and cherishes this blog! Love you!

Chestnut Mocha said...

Oh I'm so excited for your city adventures! I wish I was going to! But at the same time, it's going to snow here this weekend, so I expect many mountain adventures :-)

Jessica said...

So jealous, I would love to go to NYC again! Have an awesome time, can't wait to see the photos you take while you're there :) haha.

Emily said...

I'm so excited for you! I can't wait to see the pictures and everything you do while you're there. Enjoy it!

Jess // Foreign Room said...

Thank you so much Emily! All of the photo taking I will be doing is actually one of the parts I am looking forward to most :)

Jess // Foreign Room said...

Yeah!! Mountain adventures sound so wonderful as well :) Photos, photos! Please take photos so I can live vicariously!

Jess // Foreign Room said...

Yeah, I am beyond excited! Thanks, Jessica :)

Jess Boyd said...

You will LOVE it! Looks like you have a great itinerary lined up :)

Ashley Leona Webb said...

You're going to have such a fantastic trip! I hope and dream that one day I can visit NYC.

Jess // Foreign Room said...

Thank you so much! I have been dreaming about this for a while, so it seems kind of unreal to me that it is actually happening! You will make it there one day, I'm sure :)

Britt @ One&20 said...

I'm sad to say that of all those gorgeous pictures, I was most excited about those crinkle-cut fries... I'm terrible.
Britt @ One&20

Jess // Foreign Room said...

I think the planning is going pretty well! LOVED your food guide and some of those will definitely be added to the list :)

Megan said...

This is SUCH a great list! I went to NYC back in September and it was such a blast. There is always a reason to go back because there's always something else to see:)