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The other day, Dai and I came across the cutest little coffee shop I had ever seen. We were on our picnic adventure, but decided to return to the coffee shop we had noticed on the main street to charge our phones and camera battery afterwards.

I am so glad that we did! Among high quality hand-crafted espresso drinks, this shop also sells interesting and eclectic merchandise from all over. I had the greatest time browsing through all they had to offer while sipping my latte.

I also really admired the crafty table and chairs we sat at made from wood pallets.

These photos and this place clearly speaks for itself. It is charming and inviting, two things that I really love in a coffee shop. I will definitely pay this place another visit the next time I am in the area, and can't wait to take friends that visit here.

Downtown Local Coffee 213 Stage Rd, Pescadero


abby - little city adventures said...

Um once baby is old enough to travel the entire way across the country we're coming to visit you and hitting up these amazing coffee shops. I love where I live and we've got some awesome coffee shops but nothing that could be considered "eclectic." Lancaster is mostly covered in farms and Amish so things are a bit more toned down. We need a place like this. So awesome.

Jess Boyd said...

I'm going to bookmark all of these perfect little coffee shops and the next time I'm on the west coast, I will have to try them all :)

Jess // Foreign Room said...

Please do! It would be my pleasure to take you :)

Jess // Foreign Room said...

Yes, definitely! I hope you come to the west coast soon :)

Z K said...

I love how you capture the essence of this! Looks like the perfect hole in the wall place.

Ashley Leona Webb said...

That place looks like it has a lot going on. It may be overstimulating for a scatter brained person like myself!

Angela Remondi said...

Looks like such an adorable and fun coffee shop!! I'm so jealous, I would absolutely love to visit here.

xo www.inventedromance.blogspot.ca

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