West Coast Love // San Francisco Ferry Building

Last Friday, I took the train up to the city to have lunch with Dai. It is always a treat for us to have lunch together during the week, so since I am still on winter break, I am trying to take advantage of it.

After our lunch date, I spent some time wandering around the Ferry Building, right on the Embarcadero. The Ferry Building is filled with tiny shops and modern eateries unique to San Francisco. It is actually what I would call the Chelsea Market of San Francisco!

I love all of the ceramic goods in the Heath Ceramics shop. They are so simple and lovely. Too bad they come with a very hefty price tag (one small bowl for $70...)! They do offer a tour of their factory across the bay in Sausalito that I have heard is really interesting. Saving that visit for a special time when someone comes from out of town!

I love that on the backside of the Ferry Building there are benches and tables to enjoy the view of the bay and picnic with the goodies from inside. Definitely nice on a sunny day!
Also, they have a Blue Bottle Coffee location here, which the people of SF love. Remember when I visited it inside the MoMA (see that post here)? I was also surprised to see one in New York!

I have been more brave recently with taking photos of other people I don't know, or just taking photos in public in general. I guess I see it as my journalistic mission so I can share naturally representative photos with you all, and who cares what others think, right?!

I'm back to work today after a much needed three week break, and I am definitely dragging my heels about it... As much as I love my job, I love having time off and being at home much more! Ah, well, gotta get back to reality sometime...

Also, you may have noticed that I updated the side categories to fit how the content of this blog has developed lately, and to be more user friendly than my previous ones. I'm still working on updating parts of this space one piece at a time, so things like my "about page" are currently unavailable (as there isn't a button for it anywhere right now!). Anyway, bear with my as I figure this all out in the next week or so!

Happy Monday!

abby - little city adventures said...

oh you inspire me ever so much to just be brave and take photos in public. As usual, your photos are just wonderful...really shows us what you saw on your visit. This is another place I just have to visit someday!! I love places that have a collection of shops/eateries like this one!

Z K said...

Ugh, I always love how people can get bits and pieces of random cities and just have them look wonderful. I wish I could go visit!

Jess // Foreign Room said...

Aww thanks!! You definitely do! Such a cool place right on the water in the heart of SF.

Jess // Foreign Room said...

Well thank you!! You should visit SF sometime! I'd be happy to give you some visiting tips :)