Weekend Scenes

valentine's day day dinner cookies homemade
I just wanted to check in on this lovely long weekend and say a quick hello! So, hello! This weekend has been nice and relaxing. On Friday night, for Valentine's Day, Dai and I enjoyed the evening I had planned for us. We cooked at home and watched Amelie in the fort I built for us, just like a couple of kids. The recipes I had picked out from Pinterest were all really yummy and worked well together! Also, brussel sprouts are our new favorite veggie.
valentine's day dinner date homemade
valentine's weekend adventure
Yesterday we took a little adventure in the Presidio near the Golden Gate Bridge and had a late lunch in Marin County at one of our favorite spots before babysitting my nephew. We ended the evening watching a couple episodes of Breaking Bad (we are in the 5th season already!) and Kick-Ass 2 (not so great).

Today we are just taking it easy and I am sitting at a local coffee shop enjoying a latte as I type this. I am relishing in the fact that I still have an additional day left of my weekend. Holidays are the best invention.

What are you guys up to this long weekend? Any cool adventures planned?

Itbritt said...

This is so sweet.
The two of you are so cute.
I want to come down to sacramento sometime - so I can drive a few extra miles and show up randomly on your doorstep. Just kidding. (But kind of really.)

I miss SF soooo badly.

Jess // Foreign Room said...

Please do! I'll even give you my address haha. It would be so fun to roam around SF together!!