Dream Me // Volume II

Happy Friday, friends! I am officially on summer break and it feels like a huge weight has been lifted from my shoulders! I have been exhausted all week and it took a lot to will myself out of bed this morning... Oh well, I get a free pass this week for needing time to catch up on sleep I missed while I was up studying for finals, right?

So, on to today's topic... Do you remember this post from last fall? The one that was inspired by my 'Dream Me' Pinterest board? Well, I really loved putting that post together and thought that it was time for another installment since I have pinned more images to that board since then!

If one thing has become clear through this it is that I love soft, quiet moments. This seems to ring pretty true to what I have captured in my fine art photography through the years.

I think that this board tends to evolve based on the seasons of life I go through. Sometimes I am drawn in my bright, colorful images of life, while other times the mood is more subdued. This board is not me wishing I were someone else or longing for a different life. I like to think of it as simply inspiration for the type of woman I want to be and how I want to spend my time. I want to be an independent, strong, adventurous, creative, thoughtful, confident woman and I want to see the world, laugh, read books, create things, appreciate small moments, all while doing it with style.

Now that I am relieved from the stress of school for a few months and will have a lot more time to do things I am passionate about, I figured that this was the perfect time to pull a little inspiration for my life together. Perhaps I will try to have these thoughts at the back of my head when I am deciding what to do with my time.

Really, I'm just so excited to have a break from school! That means more time for exploring, more time with Marly, more time with Dai (!), more time for blogging, more time for creating, more time for whatever else I want to add into the mix! It's going to be good, I can just feel it. I'm thinking of sharing some goals for the summer (& blogging) next week, so stay tuned for that!

Well, I'm off to go get pretty for work so I can head straight to date night tonight! We are finally going to Nopalito for dinner to celebrate the end of the semester (which I rocked, by the way) :) I bought a new dress on sale at Anthro the other day and it is just begging to be worn. Gotta go style that up and pray Dai will be in the mood to snap some photos this evening ;)

Have a lovely long weekend for all you Americans out there! I'm happy to have Dai to myself for an extra day!

Danica Pardini said...

Hun, you ARE all those things! Creative, strong, independent, thoughtful and confident! It never hurts to keep,dreaming and working to improve ourselves though. You are wonderful xx

Jess // Foreign Room said...

Awww thanks! I mean, I do think I am these things to a degree, but I guess I just wanted to remind myself of the things I value as a woman, you know? I agree with you about dreaming and working to improve ourselves! You are wonderful too :)