Flog Challenge Week 1 // Getting to Know You

vlog, about me, flog, life I'm pretty excited to share with you all this vlog I made for the Flog Challenge! FYI, Flog = 4 vlogs, which is exactly what this challenge is! Every week there is a different prompt to get us in front of the camera and making a new video, and then we can link up to see the videos of other people also participating in it. You can read more about the challenge and add your link over at Leah's blog :)

Week one is all about getting to know more about each other, so here's a little video with some things you may not know about me!
As I mentioned in my video, I don't really know anything about video editing, so an unedited version is what you're gonna get! Don't mind me! Hope I wasn't awkward or anything ;)

Anyway, it would be great to have lots of people participating in this cool challenge, so I hope you decide to join in on the fun :)

Unknown said...

You are the cutest! So glad we're friends <3