4 Years of Us

four years, dai, love, life, anniversary, dating, adventure, my japanese boyfour years, dai, love, life, anniversary, dating, adventure, my japanese boy
It has now been four years of us. Four years of laughter, adventure, and love. Four years of joy, encouragement, and fun. Four years of support, heartache, and lifting each other up. Four years of new things, difficult things, and wonderful things. Four years of me and him. Four years of being with my best friend.

Four years.

Four years is a lot when you're only 21. It is a lot of growing and changing and finding out more about yourself. I have been lucky to have someone by my side to help me, challenge me, support me, and love me as I have gone through these things. I definitely know that and thank God every day for him, for my Japanese boy.

I am not quite sure where I would be today without this guy to keep me grounded and (mostly) sane. He is a rock in my life, if rocks were sometimes tough around the edges, but soft as a teddy bear on the inside. That's what kind of rock he'd be.

Maybe I'm just babbling now, and maybe its because I am in a cozy bed with my favorite guy softly snoring next to me with his hand draped across my tummy, waiting for me to join him in sleep as I swiftly type away here late at night.. But I just wanted to take this momentous occasion of ours to thank him...

Thank him for always being a phone call or text away. Thank him for graciously helping me find places to live during this strange year I have had. Thank him for kindly taking care of my precious dog when I have been unable to. Thank him for buying the ice cream he knows I like. Thank him for being thoughtful. Thank him for planning romantic surprises for me throughout the year. Thank him for the hugs and kisses he gives me before he leaves for work. Thank him for taking care of me when I have been sick. Thank him for always wanting to make me happy. Thank him for never leaving me or getting tired of me.

I know that blogs and social media only show a sliver of the picture. There is a lot that none of you see about my life or my relationship, some of it good and some of it bad. Don't be foolish enough to think that I never have a bad hair day or never go out of the house fully made up (hello, that's most days) or have a perfectly clean house or that Dai and I don't have tough times or get into arguments. Of course all of these things happen. That is kind of part of the beauty of blogs, though, isn't it? To be able to document the things you want to remember, the good things, and let all the rest fall away?

Sleep is closing in on me and I can feel myself babbling again, so I will leave it at this: My point is simply this: I could never possibly show you or tell you on this tiny slice of the internet how much I care for and love Dai. He is absolutely one of the very best things that has come into my life and I have no plans of letting that go.

Happy four years to us, my bebé.