Happy Birthday to My Guy!

Today is my favorite guy's 28th birthday! I feel blessed to be able to celebrate another one of his birthdays with him and hope that he has a wonderful day! Dai has to work today, but we are going to go out to dinner tonight to celebrate :)

This guy is one of the toughest people to pick a gift for or make plans for because he never expects anything or wants anything. I love him for that, actually, that he is so easy going and doesn't want a big fuss. He is content. BUT, that doesn't make my job easier, you know? ;) I have a few things up my sleeve, though, and hope that he enjoys this day that is all about him!

Dai really is my favorite person. He is kind, caring, thoughtful, silly, and funny. We have so many jokes and memories between us, and just being next to him makes me happy. I am a lucky girl to have him and hope that he knows how much he is loved by me and many others!

Happy birthday, my bebé! I love you!