Adventure // Anniversary Weekend Getaway!

Last weekend, Dai and I went away to celebrate our anniversary! When we originally started discussing plans for our anniversary, we quickly discovered that there were many things we wanted to do. We definitely wanted to get away for a long weekend, but were torn between a trip to Disneyland and a few days at the beach, among other things. SO, like most crazy people do, we figured WHY NOT DO IT ALL?! Who cares that there are only 24 hours in a day or that it takes 6 or 7 hours to drive to LA and then another 2 or 3 to get to San Diego and then 8 hours to get back to the Bay Area? We are young, so let's do it, let's do it all! And that's what we did.
We left on Thursday evening after work and drove down to LA to stay the night at Dai's sister's place. She is actually pregnant (due any day now!), so it was pretty adorable to see her pregnant for the first time. First thing Friday morning, we headed off to Disneyland! We were originally going to only go to California Adventure since we haven't been there together before, but I have the sweetest and most thoughtful boyfriend who knew it would make me so giddily happy to go to Disneyland instead. We wore our Mickey & Minnie ears all day and I loved it. We rode all the favorite rides and I got to lead the way all through Disneyland since Dai had only been twice before (can you believe it?!). Dai insisted on buying a $14 Baymax light up balloon as a souvenir, and while I think it is insane to spend that much on a balloon, I have to admit that it was pretty adorable how much joy something that simple brought him! Baymax is still currently hanging in there in our living room haha.weekend
After driving down to my dad's house in San Diego when we left Disneyland, we spent some time at the beach on Coronado Island! I love Coronado and it has always been one of my favorite beaches in San Diego. Though it can be touristy, it is always a bit more calming to me than some other beaches that I have frequented. Plus, Dai had never been to Coronado before, so it was the perfect time to go! We put some sun screen on and laid on our beach towels until we were too sweaty to handle the sun any longer before running into the cool water. We had a great time swimming around and Dai loved teasing me with icky seaweed (which I hate). That photo up there on the left hand corner really cracks me up. Dai just couldn't get over how salty the water was and I'm just like "have you ever been in the ocean?" He definitely keeps me entertained, that's for sure!
After the beach, we checked into a hotel and got ready for a nice anniversary dinner at a restaurant on the water called C Level. We had to wait a little while for a table since they didn't accept reservations, but we got drinks at the bar while we waited and walked along the water to enjoy the lovely view of downtown San Diego. I must say, C Level did not disappoint and was definitely worth the wait! Everything was soooo good! I highly recommend going there for a nice dinner on your next trip to San Diego and you definitely should order the pepita/sesame encrusted baked brie & the French onion soup! We finished off the evening with walking around & grabbing dessert in Little Italy :)

The next day, we went to a local beach spot for breakfast burritos and headed off to the beach for one last swim before starting our drive home! Then, we piled in the car and safely made the trek home!

It was one of the best weekends and I am so glad that we made the crazy decision to pack it all in. We will definitely remember this one forever and it will be a hard weekend to beat :)

How have you all been? Have you gone on any weekend trips the summer?

Update: Since I first started writing this post, Dai's sister has gone into labor! Dai will soon be an uncle & it looks like we will be making another little trip down to LA in the next couple weeks to visit the new baby & Dai's family!!