2016 Goals


I am a person that really appreciates goals and lists of things I'd like to accomplish. Maybe they are lists for a season or a particular day, but either way, it is what helps me stay focused on the things I want or need to do. The New Year is no different! There is just something about the promise of a new set of 12 months and the entire month of January that is just so great. I definitely love taking advantage of this time to have a fresh start and reflect on where I'd like things to go this year.

So, without further ado, here are my goals for 2016!

+ Keep learning about hand lettering
+ Travel! Perhaps to Utah or Chicago or Las Vegas or maybe something bigger. I'd love to go somewhere for our 5th anniversary! 
+ Stay connected with friends and be a good friend even when things get busy.
+ Pursue photography as a side business (hey, I have a site now!).
+ Work my hardest in school!
+ Build my savings and pay off credit cards.
+ Have an internship in my field to gain more experience.
+ FINALLY make a scrapbook.
+ Keep working on being more responsible with some things.
+ Take time for myself to recharge, work on creative projects, or simply relax (because that's always a good goal!)

+ Be active and try out different types of exercise to find something I like. No excuses!
+ Be more intentional about drinking water each day (I even have a Smart Lid bottle now!).
+ Go to bed a decent hour so that I can get enough sleep and be refreshed for the next busy day.
+ Consistently eat well and do at least two more rounds of Whole30.
+ And through all of that... Lose weight.

+ Get back into posting consistently, maybe by scheduling dedicated blogging time into my routine.
+ Collaborate with more brands and other bloggers.
+ Plan a blogger event here in the Bay Area.
+ Be better at engaging with other bloggers by leaving comments, finding new blogs, etc.
+ Start giving Blog Buddies Network more love and make some changes within it.

To be quite honest, they are pretty similar to my 2015 goals, but I'm giving these things I still need to work on another shot. I believe that life is about learning and growing, so I am not ashamed that a year later I still have similar things to work on. I just want to take this opportunity to approach these goals a bit differently this time!

I think I am going to make it a point to read this post regularly so that I can check in with myself to see how I am progressing, and will also keep them written somewhere I can see them :)

What are your goals for 2016? Do you like to set goals for yourself?

Hope everyone is having a great weekend!!