Holidays in San Diego

Is it too late to talk about the holidays still? I hope not because I'm gonna do it anyway! This year we were lucky enough to spend both Thanksgiving and Christmas in San Diego with my family. Sometimes it can be a lot to travel during the holidays, but I am so glad that we made the trips to spend this special time with those we love!

One nice perk about Thanksgiving this year was that my best friend who goes to college in San Diego decided to stay and spend that holiday with me and my family instead of going home to the Bay Area. I was so happy to have her with us and it really made the day extra special. During our visit there, I went to the zoo, had coffee with Morgan, took a walk on the beach on Thanksgiving morning, hung out with my dad, and had a fun little shopping & coffee outing with my sister. It was a whirlwind trip, but super fun nonetheless!
A few weeks after Thanksgiving, we loaded up the car once more to head down for Christmas! This was a much longer trip than the last, which was pretty nice and allowed us to relax a bit more. A couple days before Christmas, my siblings and their families all gathered at our dad's house and we had a Christmas brunch to celebrate a little early. It isn't often we get everyone together (and we were still missing my brother), so it was really nice to hang out.

On Christmas Eve, Dai and I went on a special date to a super yummy place for lunch and we even made it fun with a little champagne :) I went to church with my family, which was great since it is pretty rare that we get to do that together. The rest of the evening was spent curled up on the couch watching Christmas movies! Dai and I spent Christmas morning at my dad's and then later went to my aunt's for dinner and to stay the night. I got some really great and thoughtful gifts for Christmas, but one of my favorites is definitely the iPad Mini that Dai got me! I was so surprised and really love it!

The next few days were spent hanging out with more family and exploring San Diego a bit since Dai isn't that familiar with it. Dai sadly had to go home before I did, but we had a lovely time together! Once he left, I headed up to the mountains with my sister and her little family. It was so nice getting away to a place to simply just relax for a few days. I played with my nephews, colored with my sister, played in the snow a bit, and took naps every day. It was wonderful and I was so happy that my sister invited me to come along :)

How were your holidays? Did you travel anywhere or do anything fun? Did you get any cool gifts?

I know that all this holiday talk is a bit late, but I know that if I don't get it all written down that I may forget some details and this blog is, after all, the perfect place to keep memories :)