Outfit | Pretty in Pink

Happy Wednesday, friends! We've made it halfway through the week already (or, finally, some of you may also be thinking haha). For me, Wednesdays are one of my favorite days of the week, particularly because I usually work from home. I can typically work from home two days per week and have discovered that Wednesdays and Fridays work best for me. From the recharge I get from the weekend, I am able to power through Mondays and Tuesdays pretty well, especially knowing that I can take it slow on Wednesday (I can sleep in later, no commuting in traffic, I can wear comfy clothes all day, etc). Then, I head into Thursday feeling good from being at home the day before and knowing that the next day I will be at home too, and then *boom* it's the weekend again! It's honestly a pretty sweet schedule and I really enjoy the flexibility that it gives me. I know that I am lucky because not all jobs and companies allow this! 

Lately, as far as fashion goes, I've been into comfy, cute neutrals and softer hues. I've never really been a pink person, but I've been gravitating towards soft pinks and rose gold without even realizing it (I mean, look at my new blog design). I think I have been drawn to these colors because I like the sweet, feminine touch that they add.

Back in November, I picked up this cozy pink shirt on a whim at Charming Charlie while shopping with my mom. It is so soft and lightweight, and the message of "Girl Power" was really speaking to me! For Christmas, I got these metallic rose gold slip-on Vans from my dad and I have been LOVING them. They really are so versatile and go with so many other colors. I've been wearing them with pants mostly (jeans, black, olive green...they go with everything!), but yesterday I even wore them with a dress and loved how they looked too. 

Something I also got for Christmas is this JoTotes camera bag purse! I had a black camera bag purse that I got about 5 or 6 years ago, but it was falling apart and the leather was peeling off, leaving trailing little bits of black stuff everywhere I went. It was time for a new one. I've admired JoTotes for a long time now and recently fell in love with the Abby style. I will have to do a post showing you the inside sometime, but it perfectly stores my DSLR camera with a lens attached and has room to either bring another lens along or carry my personal items that I might need. It also has several zipper compartments for extra storage and I like how I can carry it with the long shoulder strap or use the shorter strap. Plus, the color ("marsala") is just gorgeous! I definitely recommend these bags if you are looking for something stylish to safely carry your camera.

My mom also gave me this white furry vest a few weeks ago, and I'll be honest, I wasn't sure if I liked it at first. Bless her heart, my mom is always thinking of me when she is out shopping and when she sees something she thinks that I might like, she has to get it for me. It's so sweet that she always is thinking of me, but you know, not everything she gives me is...exactly my taste. I'm sure you know exactly what I am talking about and that maybe your mom does something similar; I think it is just a mom thing! Anyway, I was on the fence about this vest, but I have decided that I actually really like it! It is fun, adds a bit of personality to outfits, and is definitely not something I would pick up for myself. Life is too short to not have fun with style! Good job, Mom haha. 

I haven't done an outfit post here in so long! It feels good. Most of my outfits are simple and casual. I don't buy designer clothing and prefer things that I can easily mix and match. When I buy pieces, I keep them and love them for a long time. I may not have new clothes every week to share like some fashion bloggers who are getting packages delivered everyday, but I think that it is important to share what a real person's, realistic, everyday style is like. And this is who I am. Do you agree?

Well, I'm off to get started on my work for the day! I'm looking forward to sipping coffee at my desk and listening to Marly snore softly at my feet. I think we will also take a walk later or head to the dog park since the weather has just been so beautiful here the past week or so. I think we are already moving on to spring here in California! I am quite alright with that :)

Hope everyone is having a great week!

Tell me, does your mom shop for you too? Do you like the things she gets you? Would you wear this furry vest?

Pants: Uniqlo | Shirt: Charming Charlie | Bag: JoTotes | Shoes: Vans | Vest: Similar