If We Had Coffee | 5

If we had coffee... We'd probably meet at Big Mug and I'd be indecisive about what to get, debating if I should try something new, before just ordering what I really wanted: an extra hot vanilla latte.

We'd sit down on the wooden benches with a small table between us. I'd tell you with a sigh how hectic the past month and a half has been. I'd tell you all about how my car simply stopped in the middle of the road when Dai and I were arriving at his sister's house in LA at nearly 2am, and how after getting it safely parked, we were never able to get it started again. I'd tell you all about my dad and sister coming to LA to rescue me and how we towed my car 100 miles with a U-Haul moving truck and trailer (because of course we couldn't just rent a pickup truck and instead needed to get a whole, empty moving truck) to a mechanic near my dad's house, only to find out that my car was officially done. Oh, and I'd mention how we had to get my car up on the trailer in a tight one-way street, in the rain. We'd both have a laugh about the ridiculousness of the whole thing, now but a distant story to laugh at even though it was just a month ago.

With a big smile on my face, I'd gush about the silver lining that came out of that messy situation: my beautiful new car. I'd tell you how much I love it and how it is a little crazy how much someone can love a car. I'd tell you how I was planning to keep my trusty PT Cruiser for a couple more years while I saved money, and that while of course it would have been nice to have a new car, that I was really thankful to have a car at all, so it was quite a surprise and a treat to get my pretty Nissan Rogue.

I'd then tell you what we were doing in LA in the first place when all this car stuff happened, that we were there for my great uncle's funeral. We talk about how it was a sad situation, but how at least he can be with my aunt again, who he clearly was not the same without since she passed four years ago. We'd agree that it was nice to be able to get all the family together in his honor.

If we had coffee... I'd tell you how I got to spend two weeks down in San Diego at my dad's house immediately after our weekend in LA. I'd say how wonderful it was to get to spend a lot of time with my dad and my sister and her little family, that I loved just being there for the everyday stuff, whether it was my nephews' baseball games or just making breakfast with my dad. I'd tell you how my sister's dog wasn't doing well while I was there and that I got to be there to witness her last few days, and that I am glad that I was there to see her one last time and say my goodbyes.

I'd talk a little about work and how I am grateful that I have a job that was flexible enough to let me work remotely for those two weeks I was visiting my family. I'd say how I really do enjoy my job for now and am learning a lot, but that I have also been thinking about what my future career goals are and what I want life to be like. I have a lot to work through and some soul searching to do, but that I am hopeful and know that I have a lot I want to achieve.

On the subject of careers, you'd ask about Dai and his job, and I'd tell you that he is currently looking for new opportunities, that it has been tough, but that I am proud of him and know that he will find something great.

I'd suddenly remember that I had to tell you about the light festival we went to last weekend and how magical and beautiful it was, and that I will have to show you the video I made when it's completely done. I'd also tell you how we recently planned a trip to Seattle next month with some good friends and how I'm excited for another adventure and to visit Seattle in spring rather than winter as I have in the past.

I'd then say that we've talked enough about me and that I want to hear about what's happening in your world. How is work going? How is your family? What have you been up to in your free time? Do you have any adventures or fun things planned? Have you read or watched anything good lately? When, oh when, are we going to have that girls night we've been meaning to plan?

You'd tell me all about life and I'd sip the last of my now cold latte as you spoke. You'd share some funny things that recently happened and we'd have a laugh as we realized that our coffee date is coming to an end as we look at our empty mugs. With a sigh and a "well, I guess we should get going..." we'd clear our table and walk outside. We'd hug and say that we will plan that girls night soon before parting ways.

Tell me, what's been happening in your life? I wasn't planning on things being so quiet on the blog during the past month and a half, but as you can see, life has been keeping me quite busy! I have some new content planned though and am excited to get back into the swing of things <3