The Outfit Photo Failure

I took these photos during my last week in Houston. I was excited to find a spot to take these photos and thought that I wanted to do it in an area in the neighborhood, but I ended up going to a little downtown section where I found this building with the greenery. I really liked it and it backed up into an empty parking lot. Perfect, I thought!
But then, just as I was getting settled, some creepy guy walked by and stared at me uncomfortably. Like, I know, I am in a parking lot with a tripod, taking photos of myself, but this wasn't one of those "what are you doing?" stares. It seemed like more than that.

I tried to just shake it off, but once the guy came back again and walked a lot closer to me, very close to the car where the keys and my phone were laying on the trunk, I decided that maybe I should go. I mean, it is an empty lot, so there is no need to get that weirdly close to me, right?!
I stayed for just a couple more minutes, but couldn't convince myself I was safe, so I left. I was pretty bummed out since I had been excited about this outfit, but oh well...
I found a few I liked out of the bunch, and was going to share them while I was still in Houston, but I was disappointed about the experience and wasn't too happy with how they came out. Today, after almost a month has passed, I found this post I had started in my drafts, and you know what? I like them a lot better now and decided that I would share them anyway. I guess this just goes to show that sometimes you need to step away from your work and return to it with fresh eyes. I completely forgot about these photos and that incident, but I am hoping that the next time I do an outfit shoot that it will go better! A few things learned: find a place you feel safe, maybe bring your dog, and if you can, always bring a friend along! And also, it is okay to abandon a project and come back to it later with a refreshed mind :)

I hope everyone is enjoying this holiday weekend! I'm spending it hanging around my town and relaxing with friends and family. I would have liked to head up to SF, but the Bay Bridge is closed for construction this weekend and that just messes EVERYTHING up. Traffic is horrendous! Maybe I'll work up the courage to venture up there tomorrow though :)

Outfit Details:
Shorts - Lucky Brand
 Shirt - Cotton On
 Sandals - Old Navy
 Watch - Guess
 Bracelets - Fossil

Lix Hewett said...

Ugh, I'm so sorry that happened to you. <3 The photos you did save are gorgeous though, and that lipstick + glasses combo looks fantastic.

Chestnut Mocha said...

I like these, too! What a creep to stalk you in an empty lot, though! I hate when I find a spot for photos/video, and then suddenly the whole town drives by, stops, walks around, and stares. There is something else they do in Idaho: people drive by in their trucks, slow down near you (while you're trying to take photos!), stare at you and yell something, and then rave their trucks past by you! Anyways, the photos are nice, I don't know what you didn't like about them! And the background is so prefect!

Jess // Foreign Room said...

Haha oh no! That sounds pretty awful.... Guess I shouldn't complain too much ;)

I'm glad you like the photos! Took me a while to come around to them, but I am glad I posted them in the end :)

Jess // Foreign Room said...

Thanks! There is just something classic about a red lip and some black rimmed glasses, you know? (Even though those glasses are totally fake... I just love the way they look, so I pretend!)

haley said...

creepers are often my main deterrence from photographing myself-- at least you got some great photos despite him!