The Thankful Project: A Room

Linking up for Day 17 of The Thankful Project, hosted by Kenzie of Chasing Happy. Today's prompt: a room.

Whenever I think about high school, I am always reminded of the art room I spent most of my time in. There are two art classrooms that are conjoined by a center room, and only the more "advanced" students that needed the extra space or quiet were allowed to work in there. I remember wishing as a freshman that I could work in that "special" room and hoping that one day I would be good enough to have the privilege of doing so.

Once my junior year rolled around, I got my wish and I spent most of my time in that little room. It quickly became one of my favorite places to be. That room saw me through some rough times, deep thoughts, successful art pieces, a few tears, and some big accomplishments. I would spend my days independently coming up with my own art projects and experimenting with whatever my heart desired. I would spend a few moments in front of the big wall of boxes filled with random items to be drawn or used as references. I would stand on chairs, rummaging through each box for something that sparked my interest that particular day. I would set up still-life displays next to the window and practice my photography.

My best friend would sneak in and out of that room, coming to join me in my hideout. We would spend many lunches sitting at the working tables, gossiping and hiding from the rest of the world, until we were sometimes told to leave by the art teachers since we spent all of our time there.

Decisions about life were made in this room, secrets divulged, projects procrastinated, and sometimes, when I was lucky, some creatively genius pieces were made. There was definitely also some mischief that went on, especially in my senior year, when I shared that space with a few other girls for a class period.

Though I am often reminiscent of many parts of my high school experience, this room that helped me grow exponentially as an artist and a person is definitely the part that is most missed.

Nina Musser said...

This is very much how I remember my "the art rooms" in my high school - like a sanctuary. :)