Inspiration // Birthday Party

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As you may remember, it was my birthday just a few days ago! I decided to have a little get together this coming weekend to celebrate with some family and a couple friends. Naturally, I will take advantage of any opportunity to break out my Pinterest boards and get to work. Above is what has caught my eye for my party.

I am not much of a pink girl, but for some reason it is a color I am inspired by for this party! That as well as a nice orange and gold glitter, of course. I am happy to have people I love all in one place in my honor, but though it is going to be a small gathering, I want it to be festive and fun!

Any excuse for paper straws and a fabric strip backdrop (which I already made!), right?

Hope this week is going well so far. I'm back to work, but will be enjoying my last week off from school before chaos ensues!

Z K said...

This all looks so cute! I wish I had the time and energy to actually THROW a birthday party...more often than not, I just invite a bunch of friends over to hang out. Can't wait to see the final product.

Jess // Foreign Room said...

Thank you! I know, that's what usually ends up with me, but I am forcing myself to put more effort into it this year. Now I just gotta get started!