Spring Wardrobe Wishlist

Spring Wardrobe Wishlist
+ Fruity Suity One Piece - Modcloth
+ Air of Adorable Dress in Dotted Gold - Modcloth
+ Charter School Cardigan in Cantaloupe - Modcloth
+ Capri Garden Necklace - Kate Spade
+ Breathtaking Tiger Lilies Skirt in Black - Modcloth
+ Classy Collector Top in Black - Modcloth
+ Cori Flutter Sleeve Cotton Gauze Top - Calypso St. Barth
+ Graceful Greenery Dress in Dog Park - Modcloth
+ Skinny Mini Bow Studs - Kate Spade
+ 'Resort Fling' Nail Polish - Essie
+ Holly Street Rubbie Crossbody in Giverny Blue - Kate Spade
+ Gold Saltwater Sandals - Saltwater Sandals

With every changing season, adding a few new things to your wardrobe is a nice treat that makes everything feel fresh. While I wish I had the funds to purchase everything on this list, it is still nice to daydream and think about ways to maybe find similar, less expensive pieces or decide on what to maybe splurge on. As you can see above, I have quite the online-window shopping affair with Modcloth. There is just so much in its depths, it is like the Amazon of clothing. Plus, things from that site typically fit me pretty well!

I have been feeling a bit un-inspired with my wardrobe the past month or two, and I'd really like to change that. I was loving the habit of doing outfit posts every week, but I kind of came to plateau with ideas for pieces I currently own, haven't been loving my body very much lately, and have been busy with other things on the weekends (the only time I really have to shoot outfit photos with Dai). Needless to say, I'd like to change that and maybe treating myself to some fresh items with get my wardrobe wheels rollin' again.

Do you miss my outfit posts? I feel like we had a good thing goin' there for a while with them. They ended up being my most commented on posts every week and it was nice to feel like people actually enjoyed my personal style. Hmm, what a concept!

Any online shopping sites you recommend? Where do you tend to shop most? Would y'all like to see outfit photos back into the rotation here on the blog?