Outfit // Tie Dye & Sunnies with Francis Drake Eyewear

I love sunglasses, I really do. I usually have a hard time finding the perfect pair, so when I do, I wear those exclusively. I've been wearing the same pair non-stop for two years and had recently been thinking that it may be time to add something new to my collection to spice things up. It just happened to be great timing when I was contacted by Francis Drake Eyewear to test out a set of their frames!francis-drake-2
Francis Drake Eyewear is based in the San Francisco Bay Area (just like me!) and offers prescription (or non-prescription) glasses and sunglasses, at a very reasonable price. All of their frames are crafted in Italy with non-toxic and hypoallergenic materials, and all sunglass lenses are polarized. Did you know that 78% of glasses in the US are imported from China, where the majority of factories do not have regulations? The materials tend to be lower quality, but more importantly, can be toxic?! Apparently, some glasses manufactured in these factories can irritate your skin because they leak acetone. Yes, that stuff in nail polish remover! I would have never thought to be concerned about something like that, but now that I know that is a possibility, I definitely would prefer to steer clear from those materials! Thankfully, Francis Drake Eyewear is a wonderful and safe alternative choice!francis-drake-3
There are a few things that I look for in a pair of sunglasses: a slightly retro shape, an interesting or classic color scheme, and quality materials. After browsing the Francis Drake site, I decided that the Montclair frames would be best for my style and face shape, and that I had to have them in the color 'champagne' since it was unlike anything I already owned. After I picked my pair, they thankfully arrived to me very quickly (I'm not too patient when I really want something haha) and so far, I have been really happy with my choice! In case you were interested, I also really like the Belvedere frames and had a hard time choosing! I think it is also pretty cool that all of their frames are named after places or cities around the Bay Area :)francis-drake-4
These frames are pretty lightweight and are comfortable on my face. You can definitely tell that they are made from quality materials! They also came in a cute red pouch with a cloth so that I can keep them clean and scratch free. I have never had polarized lenses before, so I am adjusting to the way things look through them and have no complaints!francis-drake-6francis-drake-7
An awesome feature that I found on the Francis Drake website is virtual try-on! You can "try-on" any pair of frames using your webcam to see how they will look on you! I tried it and it is pretty darn cool :) They also have a nice guide so that you can see what style of frames is most flattering on your face shape, which definitely helped me!francis-drake-8
I've been so excited about my new sunglasses that I forgot to talk about the rest of this outfit! I wore this breezy ensemble on my last official day of summer break. It seems like a great summery outfit, doesn't it? I got this fun tie-dye esque dress at a little surf shop while we were in San Diego and have been loving it! Secretly, it is actually a swim cover up and that's what I intended it to be when I purchased it, but I have been enjoying wearing it as a sundress too! I figured it would be perfect with a jean jacket and gold glitter sandals, because those are great accessories for any outfit :) Plus, my new sunglasses happen to go pretty well with the whole look too!

I'm really happy that Francis Drake Eyewear found me and that we will be able to team up in the future to help this wonderful Bay Area grow! With their great styles, high quality products, and reasonable prices, they deserve to be known by all! Thank you to them for choosing me to represent them here on the blog :)

 photo outfitdetails_zps244ac2f3.jpg
Sunglasses // c/o Francis Drake Eyewear
Dress // local surf shop
Sandals // Target
Jacket // American Eagle
 photo OUTFITLINE_zps3d53caa8.jpg

Disclosure: This was a sponsored post. While I may have been compensated in some way, all views and opinions are my own.
Unknown said...

I have those sandals and LOVE them! Also, I love your sunnies! They are adorable!